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November 13, 2008

Brittany Lang


MIKE SCANLAN: Birdie on 8?
BRITTANY LANG: Yes, I hit a 6-iron to about five feet and made the putt for birdie.
Bogey 13. 3-putt on the par 3. The first putt was probably about 30 feet.
Birdie 14. I hit a little knock-down sand wedge in there to about four feet for birdie and made that.
Then I hit a full gap wedge in there and made probably about a 15-footer for birdie.
17, that was at least 30 feet, probably about a 30-footer, and I hit a 4-iron.
18, I just hit a little pitch up there to about six feet, five or six feet, and made that for birdie.
MIKE SCANLAN: Thanks for coming in. 4-under today. You're tied with three others for the lead right now. If you would, just talk a little bit about the course and how you played today.
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, I think the course is playing very easy. I hit the ball fantastic today. I didn't make anything until hole 14, and then I started filling it up. I didn't make a whole lot of putts, but I hit it great. It's a good course for me, because with my length, I can reach the par 5s. I hit wedges in all day, so it was fairly easy.

Q. How was playing the greens today for you?
BRITTANY LANG: How were the greens?

Q. Yeah.
BRITTANY LANG: They can be a little bit tricky at times, just because of the grass, you know. But I struggled a little bit with the speed. At the beginning I was hitting them all too hard and I was leaving myself 3- and 4-footers for par, and once I got adjusted, it was okay, because they are fairly good greens.

Q. You're coming into this tournament with four straight Top-10s, and this week could be your breakthrough week; how do you feel after round one and the way you've been playing the last few starts?
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, my game feels really good. This is probably some of the best golf that I've ever played consistently. I was telling Mike earlier that I've just found what it takes for me to play well, like how to prepare and everything.
And I feel good this week. It's hard coming into Lorena's home with obviously her being the favorite, because she's so dominant and all of the fans are behind her. But as far as my game goes, I feel confident with my game.

Q. Talking about Lorena, her score now, what did you think is the problem to her in her game on this course?
BRITTANY LANG: I imagine it's very hard to play on your home course where you grew up in front of all your fans. I imagine that's very difficult to do.
I mean, she's 2-over, but she's going to shoot -- she's going to have a good round and she's going to be back up at the top; there's no doubt about that.

Q. You talked about making changes to your game. What kind of changes did you do during the season, during the off-season, just to improve your game of golf?
BRITTANY LANG: This off-season I made some changes in my putting and my swing, just tightening up the fundamentals. Like with my ball flight, getting it a little bit tighter so it doesn't cut as much and there's a lot less room for error; and my putting stroke, it's just much more compact and so I worked on that.
And then throughout the season, I've just kind of blended it with just working on a lot of feel drills and just kind of trying to play from within and trying to play my kind of golf.
It's hard to do when there's a lot out there, so I just tried to focus on myself.

Q. I want to know your opinion about how golf is going to face the economic crisis, the economic situation. Next year, the LPGA lost five tournaments. The PGA TOUR is going to lose some tournaments. What is your opinion as a player with this situation?
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, I think you know when I came out here, I was a little bit spoiled because the economy was good and we were gaining a lot of tournaments and the purses were very big. I think just like anything else, we are going to lose some tournaments. Purses might be decreased.
But like the stock market and everything else, it's going to go back up eventually, and we'll get more tournaments. I think we just need to be patient and be thankful for the tournaments that we are going to have.

Q. I don't know if you want to talk about politics, but what is your opinion about the new American-elected President Obama?
BRITTANY LANG: No comment.

Q. You mentioned about financial wealth in the United States, does it affect your game, when you go out to the course, are you thinking about that, or is it not affecting?
BRITTANY LANG: I mean, yeah, I think about it, and of course it affects me. But I'm not thinking about it when I'm on the golf course, no.

Q. Again, your score is not affected?
BRITTANY LANG: No, definitely not.

Q. Next year is the Solheim Cup. Do you think about making the team? How do you feel about maybe being possibly part of the team next year?
BRITTANY LANG: Yes, that's one of my top goals to make the team. I was very disappointed that I didn't make it a couple of years ago, and it is a goal for me to go there; and not only go there, but to play well. I do think about it a lot. It will probably be one of most rewarding experiences, to play for your country.
So I'm very excited, and I work hard every day and hope to be there next year.

Q. Did you have the chance to walk around the city?
BRITTANY LANG: No, I have not left the hotel. I've been to the hotel and the golf course, and that's it.
MIKE SCANLAN: Thank you.

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