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November 8, 2008

Oliver Wilson


Q. Tell us about the day, how good was it?
OLIVER WILSON: Really good. Played really solid again, played great yesterday and carried on today, got off to a nice start and birdied the first two and just plotted my way around. I hit a lot of fairways, a lot of greens, didn't putt very well today. My lag putting is not very good at the moment, so I need to work on that. I had one 3-putt, but that was it.
I just hit a lot of fairways, a lot of greens and a couple of tap-ins on the par 5s and made a nice putt on 16 from 12 feet. So I had not made anything all week, so good to be in that position not holing in this case. If I can keep hitting like this, I'll be there on Sunday so looking forward to it.

Q. I take it that's wonderful news that you don't have to go back out again?
OLIVER WILSON: It's fantastic. It's awkward, stopping and starting for two weeks now. It just weird when you come in after a round, you don't really want to go straight back out, especially when you though you're going to play half or a whole, so the Tour has made a good decision, so I'm quite pleased with that.
I think they have done the right thing. They have to set people back out straightaway, so they have sent us back out and fortunately we are in a position where it works out good for us. I think it's a bit unlucky on the guys that have gone out and played a couple of holes but what can you do. It's the weather, so somebody is going to get unlucky.

Q. How do you handle the disruptions, because there's a lot of hanging around.
OLIVER WILSON: It's all right. I've just been enjoying myself, lying in bed a few hours. Great text message that was this morning. That's the best text message I've ever work up to, that, two-hour delay.

Q. What time did you get it?
OLIVER WILSON: 5.50, 6 o'clock. I think the alarm was set for about 6.15, so just in time to change the alarm for a couple of hours extra, perfect, and then I got another one -- I was awake, lying there and got another hour, which was even better.
So it was nice, instead of having to get up, you can relax and have a leisurely morning and come up and do your business. It's tricky but you have to not wear yourself out but also do enough to keep loose and everything in check so you are ready to go when you do get the nod to go.

Q. Not being a champion in a champion's tournament, to be one of those leader's, do you feel all the more of a fraud?
OLIVER WILSON: No, it would be nice to win, though, win the champion's tournament without actually winning before. I'm due and I'm confident. I have a nice stretch coming up, and I'm confident. Hopefully I can retire this year with a high note with my win, maybe two, who knows, maybe three; there's three events left.
I feel in good shape, everything is good. Just have to sort everything out and get the putting going and everything is in good shape.

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