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November 8, 2008

Steve Marino


CHRIS REIMER: All right. Our other third round leader, Steve Marino. You find yourself, I believe, in the final group for the second time this year. You were in the final group at the Mayakoba Classic. Talk about what you're looking forward to tomorrow maybe.
STEVE MARINO: I'm just looking forward to having fun. Any time you can be in the final group in contention to win a golf tournament, I mean there's not too many things that are more fun than that.
So I'm playing with Scott, I think with Davis, and those guys are legendary, pretty much, to me. I've watched them growing up. So that's going to be cool.
CHRIS REIMER: Is this kind of a moment where maybe all the work has built up? This is why you're here, to win the golf tournament?
STEVE MARINO: Absolutely. It's the reason why I play golf and golf tournaments is to try to win them because there's pretty much no bigger thrill for me than to win a golf tournament.
But you know, all that aside, we got a long way to go. There's 18 holes left. I'm playing with two great players tomorrow. Everybody's shooting lights-out out here. It's going to be tough.
CHRIS REIMER: Questions.

Q. Steve, I talked to your coach yesterday, and I don't think he's going to be expecting you to be real much in awe of those two guys, in spite of all their accomplishments and the President's Cups and Ryder Cups. He says you're not really the nervous type or the kind that gets intimidated too much. Is that fair to say?
STEVE MARINO: Yeah. I'd say so. They won't intimidate me and they won't make me nervous, but at the same time, I know where they've been and what they've done.

Q. You didn't have a bogey in 72 holes.
STEVE MARINO: I knew you guys were going to bring that up.

Q. We debated whether that was like talking about the no-hitter or not, but that's pretty impressive.
STEVE MARINO: Has anyone ever gone 72 holes without a bogey? Does anyone know that?
CHRIS REIMER: Yeah, Watson did it in '06 at Chrysler and didn't win, and then Lee Trevino won in '74 doing that.
STEVE MARINO: I got something to shoot for tomorrow.
CHRIS REIMER: There you go.

Q. You've never won on the TOUR, probably won a few junior tournaments. What would it mean to win on the TOUR?
STEVE MARINO: I mean it would mean -- I don't even know. I mean it would mean a lot to me. You know, I have goals and aspirations.
I wanted to play on the Ryder Cup team. I didn't play well enough this year to get it done, and now I have my eye on that President's Cup team. I want to play in all the majors, the World Golf events.
I want to be an upper echelon type of player. So whether I win tomorrow or not, that's not going to change my goals for the future, but I would like to win just to prove to myself that I can do it. I believe I can do it.

Q. Your father was in the military? Did you move around a lot?

Q. What did he do and what was your life like coming up? I guess you met a lot of interesting people.
STEVE MARINO: Yeah. I moved a lot when I was real little. I moved six times before I was 12. We moved to Virginia, I think when I was 12, and my parents still live there, so when people ask me where I'm from, I say Virginia. I went to middle school, high school, college, everything up there.
But it was cool, moving around. I lived in Oklahoma, Alaska, Ohio, Alabama.

Q. Wow. How old were you when you lived in Alaska?
STEVE MARINO: I was young. We left there when I was three from probably like three months old. I remember bits and pieces.

Q. Sarah Palin ever baby-sit you?
STEVE MARINO: No. My dad actually used to do like reconnaissance stuff flying over Russian air space.

Q. He was Air Force?

Q. Wow. Pilot?
STEVE MARINO: Navigator.

Q. What's he do now?
STEVE MARINO: He's a defense contractor.

Q. Any different strategy tomorrow compared to the first, second or third round?

Q. Have you ever traveled international yet?
STEVE MARINO: I'm going to play in Japan in two weeks actually, so I'm looking forward to that.

Q. Did you all move into that new house you were talking about the other day?
STEVE MARINO: No. It's not officially done, but I'm hoping December 9th or before is our closing date.

Q. Tied for first in fairways, tied for first in greens in regulation. Does it feel like you're hitting the ball that well?
STEVE MARINO: Yeah. I mean I'm feeling real good about my golf swing right now. I'm driving the ball straight and I'm hitting my target, and I'm thinking real clear. So yeah, it feels like I'm hitting the ball good because I've hit it a lot worse than this, believe me.
CHRIS REIMER: Any key shots today?
STEVE MARINO: Probably the par putts on 17 and 18. As he brought up, I hadn't made a bogey. I knew that I hadn't made a bogey, so it was a little added pressure to make those putts. But yeah, making those four and five-footers on the last two holes was huge for me.

Q. And the bunker shot on 17?
STEVE MARINO: The bunker shot was good also.

Q. Do you feel like you're ready for this, like you are duly prepared with your two years out here to break through to the next level, get that win and move onward and upward?
STEVE MARINO: I mean I think so. I think I'm a good enough player to win. You know, I know it probably takes a little bit more than being a good player. You gotta be sound mentally and mature and everything, but yeah, I think I'm ready.

Q. It seemed like the momentum started to shift for you right on No. 1 today. I guess that was big for you.

Q. Yeah.
STEVE MARINO: Yeah. I mean to start off with a birdie on the first hole, that was great. It's kind of a tight driving hole, so it's a little bit intimidating.
Troy hit it in the water off the tee, so there are some bad things that can happen on that hole, but I hit a great drive, great second shot and made a great putt. So that was a great start.
But Scott played so well today. I think the only bogey he had was on 18. So it's kind of hard to make up ground on somebody when they're three shots ahead of you and they're not making any bogeys, so he played real well today.

Q. (Inaudible).
STEVE MARINO: I'm going to say no actually. Most of my best tournaments have come on courses that are par 70. I don't know why that is. But I don't mind this. No, this is fun. Birdies are good.
CHRIS REIMER: Anything else, guys? Thanks, Steve. Best of luck tomorrow.

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