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November 8, 2008

Davis Love III


DAVIS LOVE III: Good round, and I think I shot 64. I had a good stretch there through the Back 9 and made three in a row. That Back 9's got a lot of bunkers since I started playing. I'm glad to get a good score.
I hit the ball very very well today and actually got some putting going today. Yesterday I hit it great. Nice chance today.

Q. I was going to ask you about that.
DAVIS LOVE III: They've backed it up a lot. They used the a new tee at nine. They have a new tee at 16 and 17. They didn't use it on 18, thankfully.
They're playing a lot longer. This course is, believe it or not, it's still soft, so it played pretty long. It's Magnolia.
We're used to a lot of wedges. Back from when I started playing here, 8 used to be a driver and a 4-iron, and now it's almost unreachable. We're used to shooting low scores here on the green, but if you hit a good drive, it's going to go in.

Q. You've had a nice run the Fall Series coming off the injury, and only thing left is a victory.
DAVIS LOVE III: Well, that's why we're still here. A lot of people have been shocked when I've been on the road six weeks in a row. I did take two weekends off. But I'm enjoying playing and I'm trying to win.
I'd love to go to Kapalua. It's been fun. I've enjoyed playing. I'm playing with a lot of guys I haven't played with out here. I don't know who these guys are. When I walked out, I said, I don't know who these guys are. I meet them on the first tee. It's been a fun six weeks.

Q. Good going so far and good luck tomorrow.
DAVIS LOVE III: All right. Thanks. I made some putts today. I was patient with the putter. I didn't make a whole lot yesterday, but I did make a lot of good putts. I was patient. That was great, and I hit the ball well.
I've been hitting the ball really well all week, all this Fall Series, all season I've hit the ball well. I just haven't scored, but I'm getting better and better with my scoring and my patience. Scores are still amazingly low. This is a little tougher today.
Today, the last few days I started to hit the irons closer, but I've not had a lot of nine irons down. I'm just not patient enough and not hitting enough good shots. I just haven't scored well. I've driven the ball well. I've driven long enough. That's what saved me today. I hit a few bad drives, but they were long enough to get up on the green. I was just more patient.

Q. What did you do to your -- you had a forced four weeks off in the middle of the year there during a very lucrative part of the season. What did you do during that time?
DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah. I took some time off because I needed it for my ankle and then got back to work to get ready for the start of the series. I had some great family time.

Q. Did you watch any golf?
DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah. I watched the Ryder Cup. It was a nice break and I came back to New York fresh and ready to go and excited to play.

Q. Did you make any adjustments?
DAVIS LOVE III: Well, just a little bit of confidence. I tend to play in streaks, and for some reason, summer has not really ever been my best time.

Q. The heat maybe?

Q. Being from Georgia, you oughta be used to it.
DAVIS LOVE III: I have played well in the fall, no matter the Fall Series or the older style. During now I'm gaining confidence when I'm playing. I've been working hard on it.

Q. You've been on 19 for a while. 20 gets to lifetime. You've been in contention the last couple years. That'll be a nice little card to play and then you don't need your get-out-of-jail thing that you call it next week. Right?

Q. You can take care of a lot of business tomorrow.
DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah. Again, I'm 125. I'm not worried about the exemption. I just want to win. I just want to play to win. I'm not playing for any exemption.

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