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November 7, 2008

Erik Compton


Q. (On the last few holes and back with the butterflies)
ERIK COMPTON: The whole day was very, very strange. We got put on the clock, so we never really got into a rhythm. The whole week I struggled with my second shot, the iron shot. I drove it pretty much where I was looking at, down the left side of the fairway on every hole. My putting was very solid; I made a lot of six-footers. My body is tired, I am very, very exhausted right now.

Q. (On whether it is a "mixed blessing" playing two more rounds with q-school coming up)
ERIK COMPTON: No. How could... I mean, I am where I am supposed to be, right? This is this week, and next week is next week. I still can play, have two good rounds and get myself right in there, and finish top 10 and get into Hawaii. That's what my goal is. Guys are going low right now, but I mean, this golf course, I think tomorrow they'll put the tees back. It's not going to be that easy, I mean I don't know how many guys shot under 65 out here today. Where there that many low scores on this course? ... Yesterday is where I gave a lot of shots away. Otherwise, I'd be 10 or 11 under par, I think.

Q. (On making the cut)
ERIK COMPTON: mean it's a huge accomplishment. I think others will speak to that. I 'm not one to sit here and ring my own bell, but its right up there.

Q. (On if it is better than making the cut at Doral)
ERIK COMPTON: It is along those lines, but probably even better. Because it is double as sweet you know, two hearts now. I came back five months after when I played Doral it took me a long to heal. Five months is not a long time.

Q. (On what he does each day to prepare)
ERIK COMPTON: Take a lot of medicine. Try to take a long shower to warm my body up, because my bones are still sore.

Q. (On putt at No. 18)
ERIK COMPTON: I hit that same putt in the practice round so I knew it was breaking more than you thought so I kind threw it out there and the green ripped it left. I wanted to putt quick because it was getting dark.

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