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November 7, 2008

Steve Marino


CHRIS REIMER: Steve Marino, we go from one 13-under to the next. I believe you're still tied right now for the lead in the clubhouse. Just maybe start by talking about your year. You guys have been knocking on the door a lot, and what it might take to make this week the week you get that win.
STEVE MARINO: I've had a really consistent year, made almost every cut, but you know, obviously I'd like to get a win under my belt, but regardless of what happens this weekend, I look at this year for me as a successful year.
You know, last year was kind of get-your-feet-wet year, and I didn't perform very well, but this year I think I really proved to myself I can compete with the best golfers in the world. So regardless of what happens this week, this has been a really good year for me.
CHRIS REIMER: Is that something you kind of think about when you get out here is the goal is obviously to win but proving to yourself that I do belong out here?
STEVE MARINO: Right. When you first get out here, it's almost like, you know, you have confidence in yourself and in your game, but at the same time, there's always like that little sliver of doubt because you haven't been out here before, you know.
So it's just something, you know, I think that you gain -- the more tournaments you play, the more comfortable you get, the more confident you get, and if you don't, then you won't be out here.
CHRIS REIMER: Any "wow" moments, any "I'm standing next to Phil Mickelson" or "I'm playing at Pebble Beach" or anything like that?
STEVE MARINO: No, not really. I'm a pretty laid-back, low-key guy, so I don't get super excited. But you know, if I win, it would be a "wow" moment, that's for sure.
CHRIS REIMER: All right. Take some questions.

Q. Yesterday your irons were fantastic. I would say that you headed the field in total distance from the pin. You were probably No. 1 up close. Today your iron play wasn't quite as good, but you putted a lot better. What was different with your iron play today?
STEVE MARINO: I just think it's probably difficult to maintain. You know, I hit it so well yesterday, I mean it's hard to hit it like that every day.
I didn't hit it bad today. I just wasn't hitting it like 10 feet on every hole, you know. So maybe tomorrow I'll come out and hit it like I did on Thursday, but the most important thing is just to give yourself chances, hit greens and not short-side yourself.

Q. What are you happiest with with your game this year, and what are you looking to improve in the off season?
STEVE MARINO: I think I'm probably happiest with my ball striking, my driving. I've got it to a point where I have a shot that I trust off the tee, and I just feel like I just push the button and swing every time and I'm not scared of where it might go.
I just have a really good feeling that it's going to end up in the fairway. I need to improve on my putting and my short game, and probably on my wedge shots a little bit.

Q. Have you taken any needling from Marc Turnesa since he won? And if so, how much and does that inspire you more?
STEVE MARINO: No, not really any needling. I was super happy for him. He was outside the top -- he might have been outside the top 150, but watching him do that and being there and witnessing it was just inspirational in itself.
He's a good buddy of mine. We grew up playing Gateway Tour. I played tons of golf with him, and watching your good buddy accomplish something like that, it definitely motivated me and was inspirational for me as well.
CHRIS REIMER: Any important shots in the last two days, any big moments that, hey, that kind of made my round today, or yesterday?
STEVE MARINO: Well, yesterday, the very first hole of the tournament, I hit a so-so iron shot in the green, I had about 30 feet and blew it like 15 feet by, and I made that putt for par. And if I would have missed that and made bogey, who's to say what would have happened? But that was a great putt to build some momentum for the round for sure.

Q. And what about today? Were there any big turning points for you today or confidence-sustaining moments?
STEVE MARINO: I think today, number 10, I hit a great drive, and then just kind of laid the sod over a 3-iron and then hit a chip a little fat and made about a 15-footer for birdie, and that was big because having a 3-iron into the green on a par 5, if you're not walking off with a birdie, you're not feeling too great about yourself. So to make that putt was huge.

Q. You talked about how short-sided. Were you intentionally playing a little bit towards the back side of the pin?
STEVE MARINO: Sometimes. (Laughs). With my wedges, and you know, probably 8-iron down through the wedges, most of the time I don't. I might aim a couple feet right or left, but when I have a 7-iron, I'm down and the pin's kind of tucked, I will try to aim 10 to 15 feet right of the hole.

Q. I noticed that you play (inaudible) every shot. Is that intentional or is that?
STEVE MARINO: No. It's -- usually when I hook the ball, I'm trying to. Usually I have a right-to-left wind with like a back left pin. That's usually the only time I'll try to hook the ball, that or if I'm trying to get a little bit extra out of an iron shot or a drive.
But most of the time the wind's gotta be blowing right-to-left for me to draw the ball.

Q. If you weren't playing golf, what do you think you'd be doing?
STEVE MARINO: I'd be trying to figure out what I was going to do for a living. (Laughs).

Q. How long have you been growing that beard?
STEVE MARINO: It's been a couple weeks. It's kind of scraggly right now. Maybe a week. I don't know. Two weeks, week and a half, I don't know. A while. When my mom sees me, she's going to freak out. I know that.
CHRIS REIMER: Anything else, guys? All right, Steve. Thanks so much.

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