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February 25, 2004

Duffy Waldorf


Q. In match play, as you said, two up midway through the backside, but it can go the other way.

DUFFY WALDORF: Right. On No. 11, when he was putting for eagle and I missed the green, I had to lay up on a par 5 and I had about a 10-footer and I ended up making my 10-footer and he ended up three-putting. Those kind of things are important in an 18-hole match when you kind of turn things around like that.

Q. Obviously with your victory today, you're very pleased, but generally speaking, match play, is that something Duffy likes?

DUFFY WALDORF: I do like it in the sense when I'm in it and playing it. The thing with match play is you never know what's coming next so you get a reprieve to survive and then tomorrow you feel it again, feel that sudden death-type feeling again.

Q. What happened last week and what did you have to do to get here?

DUFFY WALDORF: When I got here, it was sore on Monday. I had a chiropractor working on it the last few days and it feels better, a lot better. It really knocked me out of the Nissan. It just hurt too much. It was a surprise. I think it's probably tied into the pneumonia I'm battling. I'm hoping it is because I'm feeling better with the pneumonia and my back is feeling a little better.

Q. I didn't know you had pneumonia.

DUFFY WALDORF: I didn't tell anybody there. The doctor didn't tell me I couldn't play so I didn't tell anybody. She'd probably get mad if she found out I played in the Nissan Open. She said, "You have pneumonia, here's some antibiotics."

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