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November 6, 2008

Oliver Wilson


Q. Pleased with that?
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, nice to play well again. It's been a while. So I was really pleased with that. Dead solid, no bogeys, had a lot of chances, didn't really hole that much, either. Hit it stiff a few times, and hit some great shots today, so it's the best I've played in a long time. Very, very happy with that.

Q. It's not that easy out there, is it?
OLIVER WILSON: I think it's tricky. If you play well, it's certainly not easy, even if you're playing well, but I think it could be quite tough; if you're not hitting fairways, it can be very tough. If you drive it well and hit fairways it, makes it a lot easier and you're not going in with that long of irons into the par fours if you're hitting fairways.
But the par 3s are tough. And the par 5s, for me, they are out of reach. So I made a decision before going out that I was going to sort of take the trouble out of play on those and sort of wedge it to death, and I didn't do that. Didn't take advantage of the par 5s, but played solid, so very happy with that.

Q. When you first look at the course this week, what do you think?
OLIVER WILSON: It's good. I like the course. It's tough. It's definitely a long hitter's golf course. Not that you can't do well if you don't hit it a long way but with the par 5s, if I annihilate two, I can get there, but it's risky, and it's going nowhere.
You could take it on a few times but it's a well-designed course. If you take it on and bail out and hit it around the green, it leaves you a tough up-and-down. So you're almost better hitting the fairway and wedge it on and if you're hitting your wedges good, you can at least give yourself a good chance.

Q. Has it been hard after the hullaballoo of The Ryder Cup to come down after that?
OLIVER WILSON: No, I just struggled with my game. Last week I played awful, putted awful. I didn't play that bad, but I putted awful. I just had no momentum.
My schedule getting into The Ryder Cup up to Gleneagles was pretty good, but I started missing a lot of events I would normally play in Europe. Had a couple of weeks off before the Ryder Cup, played The Ryder Cup, came back and after that -- definitely British Masters week I wasn't ready for playing.
Then I just played one -- well I played Dunhill and didn't play great, never seemed to do that well there and was injured in Portugal.
So just never really got going. I struggled with it and I've had a lot going on off the course; things have changed a lot, moved house and all of that. I probably haven't prepared as well and I've been struggling with my swing. And it frustrates me a lot when I'm struggling with my swing and I can't think straight and that's all I'm bothered about.
I've started working on things, and I'm playing four in a row at the end of the year and looking forward to that. I love coming out here and I can focus on things and work on simple things, and yesterday it really started to click. I started to hit some good shots. My putting has improved and I'm in the right position and just lost a bit of feel with it but that's coming back now. I'm all aligned properly and everything is in the right position, so I'm expecting to play pretty well over the next few weeks.

Q. Does it feel like the start of a new year? Strange in that respect, obviously a lot has been made of The Race to Dubai and start of the new year.
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, it's good that it's going to be like this all the time, and this is the last year, because we definitely need a proper break.
It was funny Sunday night; especially with the rain delays, it was all a bit of a rush last week. Sunday night you get home and the season is over. I'm rushing home to pack to get on the flight to start the new season and you come out here on a Tuesday. Whereas normally you'd be here on a Monday or Sunday even.
And no, it's about as far from the start of a season; it's just a continuance, really. But I don't think that's a bad thing. It's a great event and it's the start of a great season. I think everyone is looking forward to it. I certainly am. It's a good course to start.

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