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November 2, 2008

George McNeill


THE MODERATOR: We've got George McNeill, who shot -6 today and is currently in second place. George, if you'll just give us some general comments about your round today.
GEORGE McNEILL: Well, I played pretty well. I had a couple of mishaps in the first four or five holes. And then kind of poured it on after the 9th hole, so birdied 9 and 10.
Started off not very well, but then on the 9th hole made a birdie on 9 and 10 and birdied the last three to salvage a pretty good round. But, overall, I played pretty well. Conditions all week have been tough.
Today they were just the same. It wasn't as windy. But then the rain kicked in, brought a little more excitement to the day. And luckily we were going to finish.

Q. You didn't have any problems with the delay; you went out there, and tell me about the three birdies in a row to finish up?
GEORGE McNEILL: Obviously I was on 16. I hadn't teed off 16 yet. And I hit a good drive on 16. And what was nice about it, it was really blowing really hard, the wind, when I got there. They blew the horn. I didn't tee off.
When I went back out, there was no wind. A lot different hole. Hit a driver and an 8-iron. I've been hitting 3-iron and 4-irons in there every day.
And there's been a lot of different holes and had a good opportunity to make birdie, hit it probably six feet. Then hit a really great shot on 17, with a 7-iron to about two feet. And then I just hit a 3-wood off the tee on 18 and laid up to a perfect number and hit a wedge in there about six feet below the hole and made that for birdie.

Q. What kind of feelings were you going through as you watched other players finishing up and with such a logjam, what's going through your mind?
GEORGE McNEILL: All kinds of things. Obviously it's playing tough, I know. But the conditions have become, I'd say, a hair more benign after the rain delay. The wind laid down a little bit. So I knew there were some birdie holes.
Obviously the last three holes are birdie holes. I did it, so I figured somebody else could do it. I totally expected somebody to make at 6-under to make a birdie to get to 7. I don't know what Michael's doing, but Ryan birdied the 18th to get to 7-under. So kudos to him. Great playing.

Q. There was a point today where you were, there was a pretty big gap between where you were and the top of the leaderboard. Were you watching the scoreboard at all?
GEORGE McNEILL: At that point, no, I bogeyed two of my first five holes. And I was at 1-under par for the tournament. So, no, I was more concerned about what I was doing versus what everybody else was doing. I was pre-putting and missing short putts and missing all kinds of stuff. Couldn't make it from my foot.
So I somewhat figured that out after about six or seven holes and started playing a little better and started making a few putts and finished well.

Q. What did you do during the delay?
GEORGE McNEILL: Watched football. I was watching the Bucks and watched all three different games that were on. And I was sitting there hanging around with all the boys sitting around talking about football and yesterday's games, college games and everything else. And ate a lot of food.

Q. Taking advantage of the amenities?
GEORGE McNEILL: Absolutely.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you, George.

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