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November 2, 2008

Catherine Ndereba

Paul Tergat


Q. Would each of you just give an overview of your race today and how you felt? And feel free to elaborate.
CATHERINE NDEREBA: Well, if I start talking of my race today, first of all, I want to thank the Lord for what he has done for me. It is quite an achievement. Being here for the fifth time and to finish in the top-five position, I just give him all the glory, honor, power and admiration, because nothing I could be able to do without him.
And also I want to thank the Lord for the New York Roadrunners and all the volunteers and all those people who has been working so hard, the media people who has made this race a great race as it is.
And if I come back on the action, I can say I did have a good race. Though I didn't finish number 1, 2, 3, I feel great, and I feel that I achieved what I was expecting. Being second in the Olympics and finishing in the top-five in the New York Marathon, I feel it's a great achievement, and I feel good.
Still looking forward for that No. 1 in the future.

Q. Paul?
PAUL TERGAT: This race was one of those great competitions. I said it before, this race without a pacemaker, it makes it more challenging. At the beginning it was a very slow race and I was feeling really great until 18 miles, where I twisted my ankle, and it became very difficult to maintain the momentum of the pace.
But all in all, I'm happy that I was able to finish this race in fourth place. I'm excited because at some point I was worried it might get worse and might force me to stop. But I'm happy now that I finished, and coming back strongly, moving forward for do other races in the future.

Q. Paul, the aide station at 30 kilometers, it looked like you went to the table. Was that where you twisted the ankle?
PAUL TERGAT: That was not it. At the corner where there was the bridge, this is where I had the problem.

Q. Do you feel like you could have kept going?
PAUL TERGAT: Honestly I was feeling really great and suddenly things changed and I couldn't have any control about that.

Q. Will you run a marathon next year when you're 40 years old?
PAUL TERGAT: I'm looking forward. I think it will be exciting to do a marathon at 40.

Q. Does it give you confidence even though you had the ankle problem? Do you feel strong?
PAUL TERGAT: Absolutely. I mean, after being away for about 18 months and coming in strong again and competing well, it gives me a lot of encouragement to see that I'm back and looking forward to competing again.

Q. Catherine, could you tell us, did you feel your normal strength, or did you feel a little bit of banging still in your legs?
CATHERINE NDEREBA: Well, I do feel normal strength, but today I can say it wasn't such a great day for me. It was quite chilly, and with the wind it was making it so difficult for me to run. I kind of just felt -- my body felt heavy and not warming up. I kind of struggled with the wind I can say.

Q. Are you disappointed, Catherine?
CATHERINE NDEREBA: I would never be disappointed, because the weather is something nobody can control. We're going to have to take what is there, and just thank God because the Lord who has given us the cold weather is the same God who gives us the warm weather. So I just give him all the glory at all times.

Q. Kenya had a very difficult time a year ago but came through with very good results at this year's Olympics. Can you comment a little bit about making it through? Paul, maybe for the men's team and the women's team in Kenya took a big step up?
PAUL TERGAT: I think it was a big consideration for our country, especially at the Olympics. We didn't have any mental preparation for the world championship where we never had an individual medal because of the effects of what happened in our country.
So Olympics was the climax of everything, and we are back as a country and we are moving forward. I hope we will never see what happened again in our country in the future.
CATHERINE NDEREBA: Yeah, when there is no cooperation in a country, everybody has seen what kind of results it's going to bring to each and everyone, not even for a single person. But when people start to work as a team, there is great results.
So what we believe is if we work together, we are ready to achieve whatever it takes. Even if it's a mountain, we will be able to walk through the valleys and the mountains that is ahead of us. As a country and as a team, we will be able to do it.

Q. Any comparisons on today's race versus your 2004 win here?
PAUL TERGAT: At the beginning for the first time it was very, very slow. I was expecting maybe for the first maybe two three, three miles because of weather. It was very chilly. But it became very slow, so nobody was able to push the race.
But the weather was fantastic, the first two or three miles, but after that it was able to pick up and the weather was fantastic for the marathon.

Q. Did you feel any differently after the race?
PAUL TERGAT: I feel really very fresh. I feel strong. I think it's good sometimes to take a break after many, many, many years of being at the top level. I think coming back there was a freshness. So I'm hoping to come back at 40, 41, going for the masters and seeing what will happen.

Q. Were you fresher mentally or physically?
MARILSON GOMES DOS SANTOS: Mentally, too, because the competition is very, very difficult. It's not easy.

Q. Catherine, will you run in the spring in Japan or go back to Boston, or do you know?
CATHERINE NDEREBA: Well, it's too early to make such kind of a decision today, but with time I'll have to sit down with my husband, my coach and my manager and we'll have to be able to decide what is good for me. But definitely I'm going to have to do a spring marathon.

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