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November 2, 2008

Paula Creamer


Q. Why do you think you made the mistake on 16?
PAULA CREAMER: I don't know. I hit it fat. Se Ri shot -- she hit it short, and then I hit it short, and you know, it's just one of those things where I didn't feel 100% comfortable over the ball and I probably should have backed off and gone through my routine again but I didn't. It was huge. It it was very costly.

Q. The direction of the wind changed for all three rounds, each round it was different. Was it very difficult to play?
PAULA CREAMER: Yes, you could never get any kind of rhythm. That day, you had your own rhythm. But targets changed every single day, even in the practice rounds, they were different.
But the golf course played hard. It was difficult. It was cold, windy, and you know, it's just so open out here that it really affects the ball.

Q. You've played this round with Se Ri Pak and Mi Hyun Kim who represent Korea. What do you think was the mood?
PAULA CREAMER: We had so many people, huge galleries. It was exciting. It almost felt like U.S. Open, last group, and we weren't even really close to the last group.
But it was a lot of fun, especially playing here with them in Korea. You could not ask for a better pairing and I played well in that group.

Q. You were here last year, and this was for Se Ri, getting inducted into the Hall of Fame. Comparing last year and the conditions of the course, what do you think were the differences and comparisons?
PAULA CREAMER: They did a wonderful job with this golf course. When we played here last year, the fairways had lots of divots, the greens were not very fast and these were very quick. The fairways were perfect. The golf course superintendent, everybody that works here should be very proud of themselves because this was a very challenging golf course that when I played here last year, it was still cold and I made a lot of birdies, but it's just in great shape.

Q. So this year you had four wins, going into next year, are you confident to become the No. 1 lady golfer?
PAULA CREAMER: Well, I still have three tournaments left. So I have Mexico, ADT and Lexus Cup. My goal was five wins this year, so a couple more tries to get that. But my No. 1 goal, yes, is to be the No. 1 player in the world and I will work very hard this off-season to get there and it's just really a matter of time.
I think my game is there it's just believing it and going out and doing it.

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