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August 10, 2000

Marcy Newton


RHONDA GLENN: Marcy Newton. You got past a real tough opponent this morning. You were 5-under. She was 2-under. I understand you putted very well. You putted less well this afternoon.

MARCY NEWTON: Way less well (laughter). If that's a word.

RHONDA GLENN: Tell us first a little bit about this match. Did you 3-putt three greens in a row here?

MARCY NEWTON: I 3-putted the 1st hole. I 3-putted the 1st hole this afternoon in the quarterfinals, I guess. But Beth and I had such -- Beth and I's match was kind of like no other I played in. We gave a lot of putts to each other. It was nice, it was funny. Usually, a lot of people they make you mark these (indicating). Beth and I gave a lot of putts to each other.

Q. Longer ones?


RHONDA GLENN: What was the longest putt?

MARCY NEWTON: I don't know. Like on No. 10 today, I knocked it up there like that (indicating). I had to go to the bathroom. I was kind of standing at the back of the green. She hit her putt up there. I'm like, "That's good."

RHONDA GLENN: How close was your putt?

MARCY NEWTON: It was like three feet evidently. You know, it doesn't matter. It was fun. I 3-putted the first green, so I lost that one.

Q. How close was your second putt on No. 1?

MARCY NEWTON: Two feet (indicating). Like really short. Then I 3-putted No. 3. Then I 3-putted 9. I didn't play very smart on No. 9. I should have just kind of ^ lagged it up there. I hit it too hard. Missed it coming back. Actually, I didn't hit the ball that bad, but I just didn't putt well at all.

RHONDA GLENN: You played well enough to win this afternoon. What was the turning point of the match? I know had you a steady lead.

MARCY NEWTON: Right. She made birdie on 13, the par 5. Then I made it on top of her. I think that was kind of it. Then I had to make like a 4- or 5-footer on 14 to have the hole. Those were two pretty good putts I hit to keep my lead.

RHONDA GLENN: I understand your dad is not feeling too well. Is that right?

MARCY NEWTON: My dad? No, my grandpa.

RHONDA GLENN: Your grandfather.

MARCY NEWTON: I think my dad's okay. My grandfather, yeah, he's not so well.

RHONDA GLENN: That was a motivation for you?

MARCY NEWTON: Well, I was glad I could play well enough to be on TV and play well. I know that they were at home. I'm sure everybody at home was watching. Yeah, it was good for him.

RHONDA GLENN: Questions?

Q. If you could just talk about this morning. You were hitting it solid. One person said to me it was like target practice for you. Has that been coming on for a while this week?

MARCY NEWTON: Well, I haven't played -- actually, I have hit it well all week. After my triple bogey on the 1st hole on Monday, I've played well (laughter). You know, I haven't played in many tournaments this summer. I just kind of worked on my swing. I actually just got a new set of clubs because my brother took my other ones. He plays on the Canadian Tour. We went up to see him for a week. He was hitting the ball bad, so he decided he would try mine. He really liked them. I had to order another set. I actually like these better. The same ones, but a little bit different shift. I've been working on my swing and setup. I'm feeling good about it.

Q. What is your brother's name?


RHONDA GLENN: Are you planning to stay amateur?


RHONDA GLENN: Kind of what is your plan?

MARCY NEWTON: Well, I had planned to go to Q school.

Q. The one coming up?


RHONDA GLENN: Have you applied?

MARCY NEWTON: No. Evidently once you put it in the mail, you're a pro. I haven't sent it in yet. It's due the 15th. I'm pretty sure I'm going to do that. It's not definite right now.

Q. What is going to seal the deal for you?

MARCY NEWTON: Well, I just have a decision to make about another amateur tournament that I could possibly play in. I don't know. I don't care one way or the other. I feel like I'm playing well now, so I feel like while I'm playing well, I should go to Q school. I don't know. I feel like this other tournament could be fun, too. I don't know. Somebody is going to have to make the decision.

Q. Did you have a great senior year in college?

MARCY NEWTON: You know, I never played that well in college. School was hard because I wanted to graduate; I wanted to get a degree. I had to study and kind of work hard on my grades and stuff. Golf wasn't my main focus. You know, I did concentrate and focus on it, but school was my main goal.

Q. What was your degree in?

MARCY NEWTON: Recreation.

Q. This morning, were you nervous at all at the thought of having to play Beth? What did it do for you once you beat her?

MARCY NEWTON: I'm always nervous before I tee off. I was really nervous, very nervous before I played. You know, I mean, I knew I was playing well, hitting it well. I just wanted to go out and play my game. If it was good enough, it was. It was, thank goodness. I think one of the things that was good that happened on No. 2, I hooked my drive left into the trees, had to punch out, then I knocked it on the green. Beth hit it close, like three or four feet. I made par, so I had -- that's like the longest putt she -- shortest putt (indicating). She had to beat me with birdie. That was good. I didn't like give her the hole. So I thought that was good that I made par the hard way. I think that gave me some confidence, if that made sense.

Q. Then this match this afternoon went probably longer than it should have. You made mention on the way in that maybe sometimes you feel like you only play as well as you need to play. Can you talk about that a little bit?

MARCY NEWTON: Sometimes I can't play well enough. I don't know. I guess I don't want to exert too much energy. But I was two up I guess after 9. I don't even know what it was. I didn't hit it well. I didn't hit it as well as I did in the morning. I didn't putt as well. I wasn't as aggressive. She had missed some greens, was making bogeys. I was just kind of lagging it up there, leaving it too far short, having to work way too hard for some of my other putts. I didn't play as aggressive as I should have.

Q. Are you going to go in tomorrow with those thoughts in mind, kind of keep it a little tougher a little longer?

MARCY NEWTON: I guess was it Aree that won?

Q. Yes.

MARCY NEWTON: I know she's good. But, yeah, so I know I'm going to have to play good, you know, play like I played against Beth.

RHONDA GLENN: You and Aree are both former US girl's champions. You've also reached the semifinals in this championship. Does your USGA experience help you at all this week, do you think?

MARCY NEWTON: It does, but I don't think I can just rest on that. I still have to play well. I know I'm going to have to play really well in the morning. But at this point it's just fun. It's just whatever now.

Q. Is there a difference playing somebody like Beth and then playing a high school kid like Aree or the girl you played today just graduated from high school?

MARCY NEWTON: Oh, she did? No. I mean, I didn't even know how old the girl today was. Obviously I know how old the twins are. I don't know. I think what I did today, you know, Beth is one or the best player in amateur golf. Once I beat her, I kind of just sat back, wasn't as aggressive as I should have been in the second match.

Q. Have you ever conceded a putt because you had to go to the bathroom before?

MARCY NEWTON: Well, you know, maybe if it weren't Beth. I don't know. It was just so friendly. We were giving putts left and right. I'm not talking like five-footers, but nice-size putts.

Q. Were they putts, if it hadn't been reciprocated or whatever, that you --?

MARCY NEWTON: Right. I mean, it was kind of a mutual thing. I mean, they were (indicating). I guess maybe it wasn't that bad. Not usually. I don't usually just give three-footers. I didn't know. Beth is a good putter, she's good. It doesn't matter, you know (laughter).

Q. Is it normal to have a match with Beth, North Carolina, Duke, you're nine miles apart, such a huge rivalry?

MARCY NEWTON: It is. Obviously I played against Beth all through college. She definitely had a better college career than I did, and her team did, too. This is the first time I've ever played Beth in matchplay. That was fun.

Q. The two years when you got to the semis --?

MARCY NEWTON: Two years ago.

Q. Who did you play in the semis?


Q. You had a really good tournament.

MARCY NEWTON: I did. I played well. I was actually up on Grace, two up. There was a really long rain delay and then the tables turned, so. She beat me like 2-1.

Q. Did you win any college tournaments this year?


Q. You did?


Q. Which one did you win?

MARCY NEWTON: It's called the Brian Invitational, in Greensboro, North Carolina. Wake Forest and UNCG's tournament.

Q. Were you an All-American this year?


Q. First, second?

MARCY NEWTON: Honorable mention.

Q. Anything coming into this week that would make you think that you could get a roll like this going?

MARCY NEWTON: You know, I've been here before. I knew that I was playing well and hitting it well. I didn't put any huge expectations, but just wanted to play my game and see how far I could go.

Q. What did you finish at Nationals?

MARCY NEWTON: You don't want to know.

Q. Did you qualify for Nationals?

MARCY NEWTON: I qualified as an individual to go to NCAAs. I played miserable NCAAs.

Q. Shot your leg off?

MARCY NEWTON: Yes, both of them.

Q. Can you pin down any one big difference between when you were playing miserable, which really wasn't all that long ago, and now you have all this momentum?

MARCY NEWTON: Well, my swing.

Q. Swinging the clubs? New clubs?

MARCY NEWTON: They're the clubs my brother took. It's mainly my setup and my swinging. Nothing major, but it made a big difference.

Q. Do you think being done with school, now can you focus on golf full-time? Is that a big consideration for you?

MARCY NEWTON: Uh-huh, definitely. I think so. I think it's helped. I don't have to go home and study and write papers and all that stuff.

Q. Did you put up a fight for those clubs?

MARCY NEWTON: No. Actually, I wanted to get the shaft changed on mine anyways. He liked them. They were perfect for him. It didn't matter. I got mine like two days later, so.

Q. How many amateur events have you played this summer since graduation?

MARCY NEWTON: Well, I played Nationals, then I did -- I tried to qualify for The Open. I did the US Japan college matches, but that's it.

Q. You didn't play like the Western or the North-South?

MARCY NEWTON: I had to do an internship this summer for my major. I had to do ten weeks, 400 hours.

Q. 400?


Q. Where was that internship?

MARCY NEWTON: I did it at home at a golf course. That took up a lot of time. To get my degree, I had to do it.

Q. That was part of your recreation degree?


Q. What did that entail doing?

MARCY NEWTON: I did like directing golf clinics, camps, tournaments, stuff like that.

End of FastScripts....

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