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October 22, 1994

Helen Alfredsson

Lisolette Neumann


LISELOTTE NEUMANN: I think it was A really good match, some really good golf. It was exciting up to the end. I think Patty put a lot of pressure on us, she played really good golf these last couple of holes that, you know, just barely missed a couple of putts and, you know, Helen made that last putt. What can I say?

HELEN ALFREDSSON: 4 footer that I had, probably -- it was funny, we both had the same thoughts. We were standing in Dalmahoy two years ago, we both had probably about five, six footers to win the match. And I don't even know that she is thinking about it, but I am thinking the same, well, she is going to make hers -- no. Here I am, having another one but, you know, it is a great feeling when you make them.

Q. Buying putters or selling putters?

HELEN ALFREDSSON: You want some? No, these are just winning putters.

Q. What about the singles matches tomorrow, do you have any thoughts on who you might play or will play or anything like that?

HELEN ALFREDSSON: I wouldn't have -- I mean, I feel so dizzy right now. Oh, we are playing tomorrow?

Q. I hear that.

HELEN ALFREDSSON: Oh, you hear that. I have a tee time Monday. I think I am going Monday. No, actually, I have no idea how Mickey, you know, she did a very good job last year and whatever she decides how we are going to play, that is how we are going to play. I am sure that she knows how she wants it.

Q. Helen, is there someone you would like to play?

HELEN ALFREDSSON: Who would I like to play? You? Oh, from the team. No, really. You know, it is a very tough team. I don't think I could say I would like to play a particular person. I think it is -- you know, we are such good friends, really not something to feel that -- I mean, it is a hard question. I really can't answer that, who I would really love to play? I mean, if it would be "someone to play with," that would be easier. If we are going to win, we have to beat them, so whoever is going to be up there, I am going to give it my best.

Q. Same goes for you.

LISELOTTE NEUMANN: Same for me? It is no one really special that I want to play. Anyone is fine.

Q. Since it is tied, how important is it for either team to get off to a good start?

LISELOTTE NEUMANN: I think it is very important.

Q. Is it more important than a good finish, though?

LISELOTTE NEUMANN: Either way. I think it is just going to pretty much come down to the last two matches tomorrow, probably. So -- but I think it is important, you know, for the players teeing off in the end to see Europe on the score boards tomorrow on the first couple of matches, kind of get us going and pump us up a little bit.

HELEN ALFREDSSON: I think that is how we all felt like when we won in Dalmahoy. All of a sudden you look up on the 7th hole and I think at that point we probably have about what, 8 blues or 7 blues, I mean that gives you a very nice feeling that everybody is fighting hard and trying to do it. So I think that is what we are going to try to do.

Q. How will you cope if there are seven reds up there?

HELEN ALFREDSSON: That is good because we are in red this year.


Q. If you looked up and see the Americans are ahead in 7 or 8 matches, how do you cope with that because it's a -- rather than exploding like Dalmahoy?

HELEN ALFREDSSON: I think Dalmahoy was a little different because we came from losing so badly the first -- I think now we have one more year of experience and you trust the players and, you know, that things can turn around. The matches have been very even except one today. So, you know, that things could turn around so quickly, particularly around this golf course. We are not making all that many birdies, and you know, so anything can happen. I think Dalmahoy was just so special because we were so young and it was basically the first time we were really in it.

Q. Tell us what preparing -- you did so well today, it would appear you didn't do so quite so well today?

HELEN ALFREDSSON: It is totally different. Yesterday you play each other's shot. If you don't really feel very comfortable in the beginning, it is very hard to get into the game. Whereas today, you know, you can play your own game and I think, you know, we know each other pretty well so we support each other. And if it's something like well, do you think I should go or should I take the chance here and you do that. Yesterday if one of you is not playing, you know, hitting it as solid, it affects the game much more than it would be in a game today.

LISELOTTE NEUMANN: Obviously I played awful yesterday, so, you know, it wasn't much for Helen to do. She played really well. But it was just nice for me to come out today and I felt really comfortable right off the start and, you know, I think we were both really pumped out there, and just played really hard.

Q. What did you do to recover, because you didn't play well yesterday? How did you --

LISELOTTE NEUMANN: I just kind of -- the same mistake that I always do and I think, you know, the little nerves and then not being able to kind of play. I felt like I was hitting a shot every 15 minutes and I never really got a chance to kind of think about it and work on it. I was putting like two hours on the driving range in the afternoon yesterday, figured it out and it is back to normal.

Q. What was it?

LISELOTTE NEUMANN: Just my take-away.

Q. Were you usually nervous? I mean, you talk about feeling nervous, but were you more nervous than you expected to be?

LISELOTTE NEUMANN: Yeah, I think some. I think I was a little bit more nervous than you are in a regular tournament.

Q. Why? I mean, you have been through this before?

LISELOTTE NEUMANN: Yeah, but I think it is only human, I think, to be nervous when you stand on the first tee and obviously we are the first group off and, you know, it is -- I think it is pretty normal.

Q. You said you're more nervous.


Q. Than you expected to be.

LISELOTTE NEUMANN: Yeah, well, it's is like you never know until you stand on the tee and you see all the people around and everything and you feel the pressure.

Q. How many Swedish people are there here? Supporters and family and friends and so on.

LISELOTTE NEUMANN: I don't know. A lot.

Q. Enough to make enough noise so you know they are there?


HELEN ALFREDSSON: I think we are all very disciplined and calm, people in Sweden, so I don't know what you are pointing at there. I don't have a clue. Calm and collected, Swedes.

End of FastScripts....

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