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October 19, 2008

Paul Lawrie


PAUL LAWRIE: Well, until that hole there, I really had not holed a putt on the back nine. Played really solid again. Had so many chances, but chances that were kind of missable, just sort of 8-, 9-, 10-footers.
17, I hit a lovely putt there and there was a lot of footprints between me and the hole, so could have hit one of them, I don't know.

Q. And the last one?
PAUL LAWRIE: Got to be at least 30 feet maybe.
So, nice way to finish. I thought at 17, you would need at least 18. And with the length that he's got, 17 is an iron for him. But you know, I kind of played nicely and gave myself a chance and the one at 18 had to go in, and it's nice when you have to hole it and it goes.

Q. Your name has been on the board all week, which has been great.
PAUL LAWRIE: At Belfry pretty much all week; last week, thought I played really good tee-to-green and holed nothing; and this week has been really solid every day I've played, apart from the calamities yesterday on the two holes.
So, it's very exciting.

Q. Juices really flowing?
PAUL LAWRIE: I'm competitive again, which is nice. It's been a while since I've been competitive. So, it's nice.

Q. You're close to the Top 60?
PAUL LAWRIE: It should be nearly enough, and next week I'm going to go anyway and take it from there.

Q. Are you home first?
PAUL LAWRIE: Yeah, I'm going to go home tomorrow morning and then I'll come back down.

Q. What's the best thing about the whole week?
PAUL LAWRIE: Like I said, I'm competitive again. I'm kind of there or thereabouts every hole. I have a chance every hole of of hitting quality golf shots again and it's been a long time since I've done that for four days in a row.
Even last week, I played better last week than I did this week, but putter was cold and this week it's been solid.

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