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October 18, 2008

Josh Beckett


Q. Josh, you struggled in the postseason thus far, but tonight you looked like the Josh Beckett of 2003 and 2007.
JOSH BECKETT: I don't know really if that's even a question. I mean, I felt like I executed pitches when I needed to.

Q. Terry said that the entire dugout kind of exploded when Jason Varitek hit a home run because of the way everyone feels about him. Would you agree that it was quite appropriate that he got such a big hit in such a big game?
JOSH BECKETT: Yeah, I mean, it's awesome. You know, he wears a C on that jersey for a lot of different reasons, but none more important than how much respect everybody in that clubhouse, including players, coaches, upper management, has for him. You know, we're always pulling for the guy, but it was huge for him to do that.

Q. How does a delay like that affect you after the first couple innings, and when there's a change of umpires, is there an adjustment period on your part to getting used to what was a little bit of a different strike zone most likely?
JOSH BECKETT: The delay didn't really bug me that much. I had just come out. I think James Shields probably had the worst end of that deal.
As far as the strike zone goes, I think both of those guys are pretty consistent with where the strike zone is.

Q. The Clifford Floyd at-bat in the fourth --

Q. Some of his friends call him that. You got your top radar gun speed the last pitch to him of the game, 94. Were you humping up because of the tying run at second base there, or was that just a coincidence?
JOSH BECKETT: No, it was actually a sinker that I threw to him. I don't think I was necessarily trying to throw the ball hard.

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