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October 18, 2008

Brittany Lang


MIKE SCANLAN: Bogey on 1?
BRITTANY LANG: Like you want to know what happened?
MIKE SCANLAN: Just a brief synopsis.
BRITTANY LANG: I just hit a really bad wedge shot, a shot that I keep -- a shot that I'm no longer going to use because I keep hitting bad shots with it. I hit it over the green and didn't get up-and-down.
Bogey on 3. I hit a 5-iron right and didn't get up-and-down from there.
Birdie on 4. I hit a little knock-down gap wedge and I made like a maybe ten, 12-footer.
Birdie on 7. I hit a little lob-wedge in there real close about three feet and made it.
Then 15, I hit a really long drive and I only had 8-iron in there and it came up a little short and I 2-putted from just short of the green.

MIKE SCANLAN: Tied for the lead right now going into the final round. I know you were talking yesterday about trying to get some experience with the lead and at the top of the leaderboard; how do you think it went today?
BRITTANY LANG: Very well. I think that I was really excited to be out there, and once I calmed down, I played a lot better, but I had some stupid mistakes early on. Once I calmed down, I felt pretty comfortable.

Q. Is the wind today comparable to when you were here in December?
BRITTANY LANG: No. In December, it was not even close to this. Oh, my gosh, it was insane. I mean, the ball literally would not stay on. The green, It would move. You could not get it to stay on the green. I don't know what it was; 50 miles per hour, but it wasn't anything like this.

Q. Was it as bad today as it was yesterday?
BRITTANY LANG: No. Actually there was not as much wind today. You know, still on those holes on 4 and 5, there's still quite a bit of wind out there. But all in all, I don't think the course played very difficult today.

Q. Were you trying to keep the same mind-set to tomorrow that you had today?
BRITTANY LANG: Oh, yeah, absolutely. I've had the same mind-set to just try to be aggressive and relax out there and I'll try to do the same thing tomorrow.

Q. There are about 16 golfers within three strokes of the lead. Do you think the wind was a factor, or it was easier to play today, or was there something else that you think can attribute to so many being right there at the top?
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, there were not too many difficult pin placements and there was not too much wind. At times there was not hardly any wind. I didn't think it was as bad and I think the girls are getting used to playing in the wind and they are seeing this it's not that difficult, so took advantage of it.

Q. Is it anymore nerve-wracking going into the final round with the lead as opposed to going into today?
BRITTANY LANG: You know, it always is a little bit. But I mean, like you said, there's so many people, good players, close to the lead that anything can happen. So you've got to keep pushing and making birdies because they are going to be on your heels.
MIKE SCANLAN: Thank you.

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