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October 16, 2008

Kevin Na


NELSON SILVERIO: Kevin Na, thanks for coming in and spending a few minutes with us here today. 64. Guys have been talking about conditions being pretty good out there. Why don't you give us your take on them.
KEVIN NA: Yeah, it was perfect weather and a perfect day to take it low. It was windy the first couple days in the practice rounds, but the weather looked like it was going to be fine.
The greens were perfect. It was rolling really great. It was kind of quick, though. So, I mean, I felt like I hit it really good and I was able to roll a lot of putts the in.

Q. (No microphone.)
KEVIN NA: I live here now, so I should know the greens.

Q. You live here in Vegas?
KEVIN NA: I just moved here in September.

Q. Where are you living?
KEVIN NA: On the strip. Turnberry Towers.

Q. How is that?
KEVIN NA: It's nice. My brother is going to grad school here, so when he said he was moving out here I figured I would move in with him and be his roomy. It's working out pretty good. I'm gone most of the time so he takes care of everything.

Q. (No microphone.)
KEVIN NA: Oh, you know, I've probably played five times since I -- you know, the little time I've been home. Most of it was last week. I had made a hole in one on the practice round Friday or Saturday on 17. It landed and I was like, Don't go in, and it went in. I was like, Man, save it for the tournament. Last time I had one was 13 years ago, so felt pretty good about that.

Q. You're having a pretty good season. Just talk about from a money standpoint, barring an unbelievable collapse, you're going to go over $1 million this weekend. Can you just talk about the year you've had? What's gone right for you this year?
KEVIN NA: You know, actually I played better than I feel like where I'm at. I've had tough times -- I made a lot of cuts. I made twenty cuts, which is pretty good, but I haven't that played great on the weekend.
Lately I have, but in the middle of the year I made like nine cuts in a row and I kept finishing like 50th, which was kind of frustrating.
It's not a bad year, but I wouldn't call it a great year. That can change in a week. You know, last year was kind of tough coming back from my injury. I struggled a little bit, but I was hoping to get off to a -- do it better this year, and I got off to a good start on the west coast and kind of slowed down a little bit.
I'm looking forward to picking to back up here since we're in the west.

Q. To have a day like today, how much momentum can it build for you knowing your game the way you do?
KEVIN NA: Momentum you said?

Q. Yeah. How much momentum can this build for you knowing there's going to be a lot of low numbers put up?
KEVIN NA: You just got to keep going low on this golf course. The winner is always over 20-under, so I mean, not even halfway there. I just got to keep going and keep firing it.
These next few tournaments, I like the golf courses and it really suits my game. I'm going to try to keep building on it and keep snowballing it. Keep -- maybe win one and win another one. Got to get the first one first.

Q. What's the key to putting well here? There are so many breaks in the greens and everything. What have you found to be the key to successfully, consistently putting well here?
KEVIN NA: Well, I think everything does break towards the strip a little bit. Some of the holes I do pay attention, but, you know, I've played this tournament a few times and I know some of the pins. It gets really quick downhill, so you got to be careful not to get too aggressive on those downhillers, because you can easily hit it four or five feet by.

Q. (No microphone.)
KEVIN NA: Diamond Bar, California. I still spend part time there.

Q. (No microphone.)

Q. Are the greens set up so you can fire at the pins?
KEVIN NA: Yes, the greens are running out, but they're holding -- with the shorter metal irons they're holding so you can kind of go at it. I don't know what it'll be like on the weekend. It'll probably dry out and get crusty.
So I think the first day, especially in the morning, need to go low. Zach certainly showed it.

Q. How much pressure does this take off you to put up a 64?
KEVIN NA: I got no pressure, because there's a guy that shot 62. He's got the pressure.
NELSON SILVERIO: All right, Kevin, thanks a lot.
KEVIN NA: All right. Thanks.

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