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October 16, 2008

Joe Durant


NELSON SILVERIO: Welcome, Joe. Thanks for spending a few minutes with us here. Why don't you get us started and talk about conditions today.
JOE DURANT: It was beautiful out today. This morning there was no wind and the greens were pretty soft starting out. They're quick, but they're rolling nice, so it was primed for the good scores, and it obviously reflects that on the scoreboard.

Q. Do you think playing early helped you navigate the greens better than you might have if you played in the afternoon tomorrow?
JOE DURANT: I think so. You're not going to have as many footprints, for one thing. They were still retaining a little bit of moisture. As the day goes on they obviously dry out, and some of the pins get kind of greasy. Some of the slopes around the greens are pretty severe and the ball seems to funnel quite a ways off.
So, you know, any time you play in the morning when it's calm you've got the prime conditions.

Q. How about not having to play with an amateur today and play one course? Everyone thought it would help lower the scores. Do you have a sense of it playing without amateurs?
JOE DURANT: Yeah, I mean, it's more the fact that you're only playing one golf course versus two or three, like we've done here in the past. When you're playing one you just can kind of get in a rhythm on that golf course.
When you play two or three that are totally different, everyone requires a certain type of either different shot or strategy or whatnot. Here you can get in a pretty good rhythm and you can make a lot of birdies out here.

Q. (No microphone.)
JOE DURANT: No, I've always enjoyed playing in the Pro-Ams. I like the Bob Hope and here. In a way, it's kind of sad that we don't have the old courses down on the strip and we're playing up here. They decided to go a different direction with it.

Q. Charles was just saying how this kind of situation you just have to put your pedal to the metal and just go for it, because you know you have to shoot low every day to have a shot to win this thing. Does that change the way you might normally approach a tournament because sometimes you might want to be a little cautious?
JOE DURANT: Yeah, this golf course is a prime example of that. There were four pins today -- Chris DiMarco hit what I thought was a great shot on 12 today and it hit just left of the pin. We get over there and it's down the hill in the water.
So there's about three or four times on this golf course where you have to be cautious, but then there's a bunch of times you can let it go. So there's a lot that was going on. You just have to pick your spots.

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