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September 19, 1998

Lisolette Neumann

Kelly Robbins


Q. Is there something pivotal from today that you can pinpoint?

LISELOTTE NEUMANN: It was making the putts or not making them. I think this was a pretty good example of how the day went. Obviously, they're tough matches. It could go either way, you know. Can't say that either team is better than the other team. You know, obviously, it's the points, and that's when it's tough to lose, when you feel like you're playing the same.

Q. You asked on 18 what the outcome of the match before yours was.

LISELOTTE NEUMANN: There's nothing you can do about that. We just have to play our game. But I think that would have been an important 1/2 point if they could have split there or won. Obviously, every little point or 1/2 point you can get to, you need to.

Q. What went well for you guys today?

LISELOTTE NEUMANN: We're putting pretty good. It's just a matter of, you know, making the putts or not.

Q. Did the rains soften the greens at all?

LISELOTTE NEUMANN: Yeah, they're a little softer. I mean, I don't think the rain had anything much to do with it. The sun really hasn't come out today yet; so they're still a little moist from the night, and they put a little water on them last night, too.

Q. Good shot out of the bunker?

LISELOTTE NEUMANN: Not good enough.

Q. Do you feel a little unlucky?

LISELOTTE NEUMANN: Yeah. It seems like every close match, we lost. It hasn't really gone our way. But, you know, we've got the afternoon. Hopefully, we can turn it around. I mean, we'll need at least 3 or 4 points so we don't get too far behind.

Q. (Inaudible.)

KELLY ROBBINS: I think they're all pretty hard, really. Pat and I were talking. It's such -- the emotional ups and downs are unbelievable out there. Because -- I think it's easier to handle your making a mistake yourself than making a mistake and you know there is someone walking with you and playing with you and 9 others that -- 10 others that are rooting that hard for you. It's harder to keep the high and low at an even level, especially with all the people out there. That's unbelievable. They really keep you going.

Q. Does it feel like a major to you?

KELLY ROBBINS: You know, really, to me, it doesn't compare to anything as far as the team because golf is such an individual sport. How many times do you have Dottie Pepper come out to the green and give you a high 5 and hug you? And, you know, so it doesn't even -- I don't think -- emotionally compare to anything just because golf is such an individual sport and it gives us a chance to team up and to actually root for each other. It's pretty big. I'd rank it right up there.

Q. The last two cups you've won, you won it on Sunday. Do you have to have that edge going into tomorrow?

KELLY ROBBINS: Well, I think, you know -- like I was talking -- any time you know you've done something well in the past, you'd like to take those thoughts and the momentum with you into those situations and, hopefully, do the right thing. We're all really going to try and stay focused tomorrow, I'm sure, and try and get it done. But first things first, we've got to through this afternoon so we can just have a good round. Who knows what's going to happen this afternoon?

Q. You looked just real pleased in your face yesterday when you were making that last play, a real familiar look. What did that mean to you?

KELLY ROBBINS: I hadn't really felt anything like that most of the year, so it was good to do that. I made a lot of good putts, I think, under 5, 6 feet the last couple of days which -- that meant something and I haven't had to do that much this year. So it was good to see that I had them and I was still able to do it under the pressure and -- probably more pressure in something like that than when I play by myself. But obviously, any time I can do that in any situation, it feels pretty good. I was pretty pleased.

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