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October 12, 2008

Mike Reilly


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Mike Reilly.

Q. Mike, obviously you guys handled that confrontation and any potential ugliness about as well as could be handled. Give me your view of what happened with Kuroda throwing over Victorino's head. Did you feel it was intentional? Did you feel there was something going?
MIKE REILLY: That's the toughest thing for an umpire to read, intentional. But we absolutely had a situation, we had a batter hit and then the retaliation, pitch up high. And we figured at that point that we should put a warning in to stop any further retaliation from the other side coming back out again.
And so we put a warning in there to protect the players.

Q. It appeared there was a lot of chirping on the field, from the dugouts. Were you aware of it? Were you aware of trouble brewing, so to speak?
MIKE REILLY: In Game 2 we had a situation in the 1st inning, there also was a little bit of chirping on a couple pitchers that were throwing in locations. So we were aware of that. And then tonight, after the second pitch was thrown high and up tight on the Philadelphia hitter, we felt we wanted to put a warning in at that point to stop it. And Mike Everitt did a great job behind the plate in putting that warning.
And we believe that stopped any further retaliation at that point in the game.
THE MODERATOR: Thanks, Mike.

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