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October 12, 2008

Charlie Manuel


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Charlie.

Q. Can you just talk about Jamie Moyer's performance; obviously they hit him well and he struggled quite a bit?
CHARLIE MANUEL: He had a tough time tonight. They came out swinging on him. They were not taking very many pitches. And they hit some balls hard and also seemed like everything they hit went through for a hit. We got behind early right there quick about five runs.
And then like he goes out in the second inning, gives up a home run to Furcal, and like it wasn't his night. And he's been consistent all year long for us. He's won 17 games, and he's one of the reasons why we're playing here.

Q. I know this is something down the road, but does his performance tonight have to make you think about if it comes down to Game 7 who might pitch that?
CHARLIE MANUEL: I don't know about that. We just have to wait. Rich Dubee and I will talk it over. Actually I've seen him go out there and I'm sure you have, too, if you think about it. Tonight seemed like they kept adding on and they were really swinging on him good. But a lot of times he goes out and he holds them.
Like when the second baseman got the bases loaded, triple there with two outs, that was a huge hit. But sometimes he gets out of those jams. Tonight he didn't. He hit the ball hard and they knock him out.

Q. Were you guys expecting or maybe anticipating that there might be some ugliness or a confrontation today that wound up happening in the third inning with Shane (Victorino) and the Dodgers?
CHARLIE MANUEL: Please repeat that.

Q. Were you guys expecting or maybe anticipating that there might be a confrontation today as wound up happening in the third inning with Shane?
CHARLIE MANUEL: Actually, like I did hear somebody say something about that they were upset because nobody retaliated because we had some of our players over there and whatever. At the time I didn't think nothing about it. Was we expecting it? Not really. But that's baseball. And like you deal with that.

Q. If you can speak a little bit about momentum. Obviously coming in here you guys had all of it, essentially.
CHARLIE MANUEL: Momentum in this game is huge, and like they came out in the 1st inning. I would say they took it away from us for the night.
But we got a lot more baseball left, and our team, we gather ourselves up and tomorrow in the game, we'll come out here, we'll come out here to win tomorrow's game. And we've been doing that for like two and a half years and definitely this year we've been doing it. And nothing's changing.
Like we've got to come out and play better and we've got to score runs and hit better. And pitch better.

Q. Did you have a problem with the pitch going over Shane's head. I know Brett (Myers) threw behind Manny's (Ramirez) back, but the fact it went over Shane's head, did that bother you?
CHARLIE MANUEL: I have a problem any time you start throwing over somebody's head; there's a lot of problems. I was a player for 20 years. I got hit in the face real bad, as bad as you can get hit. And like when you start to throw over people's head, there's a good chance people are going to get hurt. That's not what these post-seasons are about and what baseball is about. Pitching and pitching inside and moving the ball around is all part of the game.
But at the same time, you start throwing the ball up around people's head or like around their face, that's no place in baseball for that.

Q. Is this episode over with, the throwing at each other, do you think it's over in your mind?
CHARLIE MANUEL: I think so. I think somewhere along the line, like I'd like to see us go back and play baseball. Be aggressive and throw the ball inside. But when you start throwing the ball behind somebody or up around back of their head, that's when you're trying to hit them.
If a pitcher wants to hit a guy, he can. All he has to do is throw the ball up behind him or back here behind him. He'll freeze him and more than likely he'll hit him. As long as you keep the ball in front of somebody and try to pitch inside, there's a difference and it's up to the hitter and also the umpire and them to detect exactly like where the pitch is and like what's going on.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Charlie.

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