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July 7, 2005

Duffy Waldorf


PHIL STAMBAUGH: Okay, Duffy, a nice start to the 2005 John Deere Classic with 5 under 66 today, just a couple opening thoughts about your round and then we'll go through your card.

DUFFY WALDORF: I played very steady golf today, played pretty well last week, even on the weekend when I didn't finish as well I was still playing pretty good golf. It's carried over to this week. It was nice to get out early. The greens were smooth and rolling at a good pace, and as I look at my card here, I was pretty consistent, hitting a lot of fairways and hitting a lot of greens, which kept the pressure off. I had a lot of birdie putts and was fortunate to roll some in.

PHIL STAMBAUGH: I see you only had 25 putts.

DUFFY WALDORF: Yeah, up and down, and I had a chip in, which might have been my first of the year, so that was exciting. My wife said, "I watched you play this week, your short game is terrible, you need to go practice." I was late for the big dig, but it was okay because I was working on my short game, and it seemed to pay off today.

PHIL STAMBAUGH: Can you take us through your round with your birdies?

DUFFY WALDORF: Sure. 2nd hole I hit a 3 iron just short and left of the green and hit a real nice chip to about four feet, made that for birdie.

No. 4, I played a wedge shot from the fairway, it was about 120 yards and I hit it in there nice, about eight feet, made that for birdie. I've never seen these stats.

Par 3, I hit a nice shot in there, it was playing about 200 that's right, the tee was up today, so it was only playing about 195, 200 yards, and I hit a 5 iron about six feet there, made that for birdie.

Bogeyed the next hole, missed the green from the fairway bunker, didn't get up and down.

Then birdied No. 10, I laid up and hit a sand wedge in there about six feet, made that.

Then 11, I missed the green just right, close to the pin but I had about a 20 foot chip and I made the chip for birdie.

Next hole, pulled my shot into the bunker and had a difficult bunker shot and ended up making a bogey.

14, I drove it down by the green and had a 40 yard pitch shot and hit a really good pitch shot about three feet, made that for birdie.

17, I missed the green on my second and hit a really good chip to about six feet and made that for birdie.

PHIL STAMBAUGH: Joan told me to ask you about your golf ball today.

DUFFY WALDORF: Got to watch out for that Joan. I'm going to show it because everyone can see it. It's got the John Deere symbol. I used five balls today. This just happened to be the last one, and it's the only one that had the John Deere logo. I used it the last two holes, and it's got John Deere's new slogan that says, "Save a horse, ride a tractor."

Q. What's the slogan?

DUFFY WALDORF: "Save a horse, ride a tractor." My nanny made that one up. That's not really their slogan. That was a joke. It sounds pretty good, though, doesn't it.

Q. It sounds like something right out of Donald Ross, "Moving Dirt."

DUFFY WALDORF: Well, we've got to use tractors. We don't want to use horses anymore. We want to use tractors and bulldozers.

Q. Basically, the 23rd and a half hour you decided to play this tournament. What made you decide?

DUFFY WALDORF: Really it was just the 23rd hour, not the 23rd and a half (laughing). My wife didn't want to go home, and she wanted to stay out for another week. I had qualified for the British Open, and I'd probably have just as soon taken a week off and gotten some warm clothes or something. But in the end it made sense to stay out, I played well last week, and I can get a flight out I'm sure I can only find trouble there in Scotland if I got there early, so it's probably good that I'm heading out Sunday and getting there Monday and just get acclimated in the three days I'm there. I don't play a lot of practice rounds anyway.

I guess it's tough over there because you've got to figure out how to play nine holes and made shortcuts, but I guess I can.

It worked out well. Honestly the main reason for coming here is Whitey's, the world's best ice cream is here. I don't get that many opportunities to come here, so it was there. I've only played two weeks in a row, so Whitey's called our name and we answered the call.

Q. Are you looking for endorsements here in the Quad Cities?

DUFFY WALDORF: I told my wife, I said, "I could live here in a second. We've got Whitey's. What else do we need?"

Q. You seem like a man who does what his wife tells him to do.

DUFFY WALDORF: If she tells me to jump off a cliff, I might think about it.

Q. Did she really say that about your short game, it's terrible?

DUFFY WALDORF: Actually she used another word, which I can say. I think she said it "sucked." But that's probably about the same. That's equal to me.

Q. Little pro agree with that assessment?

DUFFY WALDORF: Well, he doesn't get to see me play that much, but if he had seen it, yeah, he would agree. Last week I was really good the first round. I got the ball up and down really good the first round last week, but then as the week went on, I started getting harder up and downs and then I started not getting it up and down. My short game was revealed.

Q. Now did your wife come out and help you work on the short game or just tell you to work on it yourself?

DUFFY WALDORF: She told me to work on it myself. She could sometimes help me, but I was helping myself this week.

Q. Can she fix your swing?

DUFFY WALDORF: Yeah, she can definitely tell me what's different because we actually our anniversary is coming up Saturday, it'll be our 17th anniversary, so she's seen me play some golf. We knew each other before then and we played junior golf and college golf and some junior golf, so yeah, she would know any variances in my swing, especially rhythm and timing and that kind of thing, she'd pick up on that.

Q. Did she play at UCLA?

DUFFY WALDORF: Yeah, she played a year at San Diego State and a year at UCLA. Then she suddenly was married to a touring pro and wanted to graduate and start a family.

Q. Is there something about this area that she likes besides Whitey's?

DUFFY WALDORF: I think she likes the Midwest a lot. She's always liked Chicago, and I think this tournament, the way it worked out because we were traveling with our family and my kids are pretty big, and it's a really good tournament, with the big kids, we're down at the Raddison down there in the Commons, we play wiffle ball in the grass, get their skateboards out and roll along the Mississippi River and there's a lot of pavement, so the kids are happy, she's happy, so it's a very good week for all of us.

PHIL STAMBAUGH: Duffy, thank you very much. Continued good luck.


End of FastScripts.

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