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October 5, 2008

John Lackey


Q. Confidence level of the ballclub going into tomorrow knowing you have responsibility on your shoulders?
JOHN LACKEY: As far as on me or like the team?

Q. Confidence level of the team?
JOHN LACKEY: I think the confidence level has got to be high right now.
Any time you go into a game like that, extra inning games, lot of times that carries over.

Q. Looking forward to tomorrow, what is the one thing you look forward to in terms of making adjustments for first game or any adjustments for the first game?
JOHN LACKEY: Honestly, I'm not planning on making too many adjustments. I felt pretty good last time out there. I'm just out there trying to execute pitches and trying to minimize a mistake or two.

Q. You talked about the offense the last time you went out, and you see more and more signs of this thing really could get going on their side offensively?
JOHN LACKEY: Absolutely. We're swinging the bats well, getting a lot of hits and finally got a hit when it counted at the end.
So we've got to be excited about going again tomorrow.

Q. Guy like Jered Weaver, to see him go out and perform like he did, what did it mean to a guy like you?
JOHN LACKEY: It was awesome, man. Especially being his first postseason win. I know what that meant to me at the time. I was really rooting hard for him. He came in and did a great job and got it done for us.

Q. How much does that last outing here mean in terms of confidence for you?
JOHN LACKEY: I think I'll be confident going into tomorrow. The regular season starts don't have much to do with tomorrow. You've got to go out and execute pitches and keep performing.

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