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October 5, 2008

Robert Karlsson


Q. What does it feel like to being champion at the home of golf?
ROBERT KARLSSON: Unexpected. I played a bad round yesterday and all of a sudden got myself into the playoff and made a birdie on the first hole and was like, oh, that was quick. I don't know what to say.

Q. What was going through your mind on the first tee in that first extra playoff hole?
ROBERT KARLSSON: Perfect. It's a 3-wood and a gap wedge.

Q. What's been the difference over last three weeks, because you've won the last two events you've played in.
ROBERT KARLSSON: I have. Yeah, obviously it felt easier today, I felt very comfortable going out in the playoff. You never know in a playoff, things can happen and you just try to do your best.
I had birdie this hole three times in a row and I had a good feeling for it and I'm good with the wedges so I fancied my chances.

Q. You seemed so incredibly relaxed on the golf course this week?
ROBERT KARLSSON: Not yesterday. Should you have seen me on a few holes yesterday; I was a bad boy. But this is a type of relaxing event and you just want to go out and have fun and enjoy it out here and it's amazing. Hard to really understand it.

Q. You've leaped to the top of the Order of Merit; how do you feel about that?
ROBERT KARLSSON: Obviously that's a bonus, but when I'm playing out here, you're just trying to do your best in each event and if things go your way -- Padraig has won two majors already, so it's not down to who is the best player this year, but I've got him now.

Q. Are you focussing on the Order of Merit?
ROBERT KARLSSON: No. But now first thing I'll go home and see the kids for a week.

Q. Your schedule for the rest of the season?
ROBERT KARLSSON: I have next week off and I'll play Portugal and the Volvo Masters.

Q. How much does this win rank in terms of your career?
ROBERT KARLSSON: Well, I haven't really thought about it yet but I would say probably second. TPC in Germany would probably be a little bit higher, because it was the way I won it. But this was also a different way, and gosh, I don't know what to say, I've always struggled a little bit in playoffs a little bit.

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