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August 12, 2005

Retief Goosen


Q. Just make some comments on your round today.

RETIEF GOOSEN: I didn't play all that well today. I missed a lot of fairways, so I was struggling really out there, but level par is about as good as I could have played.

Q. How were the course conditions out there this morning as compared to yesterday?

RETIEF GOOSEN: The course was perfect this morning, especially the greens. It's only now that they're starting to dry out. This morning the course was there to shoot a low score.

Q. Tell us what you think of the 17th hole. Davis Love just described it as a par 3, which I thought was interesting. What he meant was pretty much laying up to a wedge and playing in. What are your thoughts? Do you buy that?

RETIEF GOOSEN: Well, 17 is a tough hole, especially if you miss the fairway off the tee, then you're looking at making 6 easy. It's a very good golf hole.

The most important thing is putting your drive on the fairway. It's the only way you're going to give yourself a chance for birdie.

Q. I'm guessing you guys come to 5s you guys almost always are thinking about 4, birdie. Are you happy if you make 5 there as opposed to some par 5s where you feel like you let one get away?

RETIEF GOOSEN: Especially if you hit a bad drive you're happy if you make 5.

No, I feel if you hit a good drive and lay up there with a 5 iron and you've got a wedge in your hand, you feel like you can make 4.

The green is not that severe, so if you can get it inside ten feet, you've got a chance for a 4.

Q. When you were here yesterday you were anticipating even par because the course is going to dry out. Are you as surprised it's as receptive and it's staying, and what do you think of Mickelson's round considering?

RETIEF GOOSEN: Yeah, the greens were a lot better this morning than I thought they would be compared to yesterday afternoon. Perfect weather this morning, so a good round was possible. I probably hit about four fairways out there today, so level par is as good as I could have done.

Q. Sabbatini's up on that leaderboard. How much golf have you played with Rory and can you give us your impressions?

RETIEF GOOSEN: Rory has been around for a while. He can play the game, a couple of World Cup victories. He knows how to play the game, and he's not scared. He's got a good chance on the weekend.

Q. Do you see this course getting more difficult on the weekend, hardening up?

RETIEF GOOSEN: Yeah, I'm sure they'll gradually let it die out as the weekend goes on. I think the weekend is supposed to be really hot, so the greens are only going to get more and more difficult. Looking at where Phil is now, probably under par is going to win this tournament.

Q. What part of your game have you been struggling with?

RETIEF GOOSEN: Driving really, missing a lot of fairways. I've got no chance out of the rough around here, so I need to work on that a bit this afternoon.

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