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October 4, 2008

Joe Blanton


Q. What are your emotions right now knowing that you're definitely starting tomorrow? We're pretty sure you knew that, you had a good feeling from the start anyway, but now that it's definite, are you mentally prepared or are you going about it business as usual
JOE BLANTON: You know, I've been mentally prepared the whole time. I just looked at it as -- I feel like the only way you could look at it is there was going to be a game. I felt like if I looked at it any other way I wouldn't be physically or mentally ready.
So I just went through the whole process, I've been ready for this game.

Q. What type of challenges does this Brewers offense provide for you?
JOE BLANTON: You know, they have a good offense. You know, top to bottom. It's a team you can't let up against. You can't give them any slack, and a team that's good top through bottom. They'll make you work a lot, and you just have to come out and do your best and just step up to the challenge.

Q. Looking at the way the hitters were so patient today, it kind of gave a different look than the way the Brewers had been performing lately. Does that play in your mind at all, that you might have to be expecting something different than what you may have intended to begin with?
JOE BLANTON: Not really. I feel like just going out tomorrow, you have to come in and pitch your game, and then adjust from there. Just because a team is patient one day, doesn't necessarily mean they will be the next day. So you just kind of have to come out throwing your game and adjust from there as the game goes on.

Q. You had some injury issues or tendinitis earlier in the month. How important was it to get a couple good starts in before the playoffs to be ready for tomorrow?
JOE BLANTON: You know, it was important just as far as feeling good about yourself physically and getting your mechanics back. Usually when you're dealing with something, it can tend to throw you off a little bit. So I think that was the biggest thing is getting mechanically back to normal and having the confidence to just come out and let your body work.

Q. Before the game Charlie said that Brett Myers has taken you under his wing a bit. Or Rich Dubee said he has taking you under his wing. What has Brett Myers been able to teach you or at least guide you with the Phillies since you've joined them?
JOE BLANTON: I think it's just -- it's one of those things that he's been in the Phillies organization for a while, since he was drafted, and up here a while. I think it was one of those things where we both kind of had the same struggles to start off the year, I believe, just kind of nothing was going our way. It was really something that we could relate to, either one of us, whatever it may be, through going out and not being able to throw strikes, or almost being yourself. So it was something you could talk to with each other and really know what the other one was talking about, which is good, getting it off. I've seen somebody else succeed coming off that, and it's good to get feedback on.

Q. How do you try to go out there and try to go about blocking out the crowd and the noise and everything that comes along with playing in somebody else's stadium?
JOE BLANTON: It's one of those things, you really notice it more when you're not playing, how loud it is. I think once you get on the mound and you focus in, I don't think it's much of a factor. You get focused on the game at hand and the plan you're trying to attack for each hitter. It doesn't become such a factor for you if you really execute your plan and almost take them out.

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