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October 4, 2008

Martin Kaymer


Q. Tough out there Martin?
MARTIN KAYMER: Yes, i think it was the toughest day out there today, i mean we are playing the toughest course and it was the worst weather this week so i think everything around par and even two or three over par is a pretty solid round today

Q. Highlights of your round?
MARTIN KAYMER: Two birdies in a row 13 and 14 which was nice, par three is a sneaky one today so I made a good two there and a nice birdie on the next which plays like a par four today
Level par after nine, a good highlight.

Q. Everyone seemed to struggle with the front six Martin did you find that?
MARTIN KAYMER: Most of the holes are into the wind and the are quite long and even when you have a six or seven iron into the green even then it is a tough shot you have to hit it low otherwise it goes up and you are 20 yards short and then you have a long putt which is not nice to have here.

Q. Have you felt that your inexperience of links courses makes it harder for you than some of the others?
MARTIN KAYMER: No I mean I've played a few links courses in the past and this is very special obviously to play at St Andrews and Carnoustie in that weather ?? but I think the most important is that you have the patience and you have to accept some bogies, some bunkers, feels like a penalty but that is just how it is and you have to accept it and then go on from there.

Q. As you are going round do you look at the leaderboard and see that nobody is doing anything that you are not doing, is that reassuring for you?
MARTIN KAYMER: I mean it was tough today, every par is a good score on a hole today. Carnoustie two par fives they are actually par four today so xxx really happy if you make par there and I made a bogey there .

Q. Leaderboard Harrington being up there?
MARTIN KAYMER: I think it is great that Harrington is up there, if you play against the best players in the world that is the only way you can improve your game and it would be nice if we could play together tomorrow.

Q. Must feel like you have grown up a lot in the last year as a professional xx cup How do you feel about all that?
MARTIN KAYMER: Those two wins in particular were huge for me, one in germany colour a little more than normal than winning in Spain or Italy. And then the opportunity to go to the Ryder Cup was incredible for me I learnt so much it was very interesting and very nice of Nick Faldo to invite me I was never expecting that it was nice for me , last two or three years quite interesting for me, everything has happened so quickly.

Q. Is your career ahead of schedule as far as you are concerned?
MARTIN KAYMER: I am just enjoying it, im just playing every week and I xx tournaments left this year. Not planning next year yet.

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