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October 4, 2008

Marc Warren


Q. Can you give an example of shots in the wind?
MARC WARREN: Downwind hole, the 16th, kind of 310 yards to the corner and can get there no problem, good line you can have a wedge in, which is the toughest hole on the golf course.
On 14, I put a ball down and it rolled about an inch. We were having trouble trying to get a spot but the greens were horrific.
Knew it was going to be a long day, tough day and ball-striking was going to be a premium. One wedge shot caught a little bit thin and went through the green but apart from that, it was flawless, and in these conditions, I was very pleased with that.
But on the greens I think I had four 3-putts or five 3-putts. Just couldn't get the pace at all. The greens were realy bumpy and you get the wind coming as well and the wind is blowing them off-line and it's probably shot 3-over today and I was easily the highest score. As tough as it gets, as tough as you'll get it.

Q. Still pleased with your position on the board?
MARC WARREN: I'm not too far. 6-under is leading now, so four back, so still in with a shout.

Q. Same conditions tomorrow?
MARC WARREN: I don't mind them being tough, keeps the leaders getting away. But as I say, with the conditions, as long as we get decent greens to putt on, I'll be happy.
We all know the Old Course well, and if you can control the ball flight well and the spin well, you'll have a lot more chances, and you can shape a lot of shots at flags and try to give myself as many birdie chances as I can.

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