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October 3, 2008

Becky Hammon


Q. This team, seems like they see the mistakes they make and kind of correcting that. Kind of seems like it was some of the same things that hurt you in Game 1. Getting behind early and having to come back.
BECKY HAMMON: I thought we came out a little bit better actually with more energy. The problem was we didn't make any shots. And life is difficult when they're shooting 80 percent and we're shooting five percent or whatever it was. It wasn't enough.
So we dug ourselves a hole, and we fought back. You know, we exerted a lot of energy to crawl back into that game. And, I mean, they shot 51 percent from the floor, 50 percent from the three. Right now, they're outplaying us. There's no excuses. We're not shooting the ball well. I still believe in my team. The problem is, I haven't seen my team yet.
But I feel you're never going to see me give up, ever. So I don't think my team will ever. That's not in our DNA, to give up.

Q. Seems like when you guys play with a sense of urgency that you play well and can get back into the game. How do you extend that for the whole game in the next game?
BECKY HAMMON: Well, I mean, down the stretch, I mean, we don't want to have to rely on, you know, me coming down and pulling off no passes off nothing. I mean, those are like -- you're basically like a quarterback in a football game at that point and you're going no huddle. You're just trying to get anything you possibly can without going through a set defense.
Katie Smith has just been killing us. So we're going have to find a solution for her. She's facilitating a lot of people. You know, so we just have to find ways. And this team has always found ways. We're a very good road team.
And like I said before, we've been talking the talk a lot. Now it's time for us to walk the walk about, you know, just believing and always fighting.

Q. Becky down 0-2 and having to go to Detroit now, what adjustments, play-wise or mentally, does this team need to make to get back in it?
BECKY HAMMON: Well, I always -- we've got to get some rest; we're a little bit banged up; hopefully.
Some of these players that have been banged up for us, you know -- I don't really know how much of a part that plays in it. I don't know. Not getting any subs in. I don't know.
Right now we have to go into Game 3, and, you know, I'm somebody who I'm big on mental preparation a lot as well. And we've got to just start seeing that ball go in. I mean, we have some capable shooters, and we just -- two nights in a row, we just haven't shot the ball well.
And sometimes you are doing the same things, you know, you've taken that shot a thousand times, and for whatever reasons -- I just told Sophia, you know, eight out of ten nights, we're going to knock down that shot at a 55 percent clip; if you want to give up those high post shots, those short baseline shots.
So we've had our two nights. Now we've got to get back to the 80 percent, the eight-out-of-ten way that hopefully the ball goes in.

Q. Becky, the enthusiasm that you've created in the community, I know you want to come back here. You want to fight back and come back. But just tonight, the crowd size, the way people got into it, can you sort of talk about what it's meant to the league to have the team do this well?
BECKY HAMMON: Well, we've been working very hard in the community. I know during the Olympic break, the girls were out and about. And I'm really proud of what we've been able to accomplish here in the last few years of getting the city excited about us.
It absolutely stinks to have a crowd like that and come in and shoot the ball like that. I mean, it just makes me cringe to think if somebody just came to their first women's basketball game to think they saw that game and think that's what it's about, because it's not.
We have some very skilled players. We just didn't knock it down. Hopefully, if we can force this thing into a Game 5, which I believe we will, hopefully they'll come back and fill up the arena and we'll give them a real taste of what San Antonio Silver Stars basketball is about.

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