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October 3, 2008

Michael Campbell


MICHAEL CAMPBELL: It was tough. I set myself as 2-under to be a good score. Anything under par was a good score and today it was tough the first nine holes or the first eight holes it was tough going and you're turning around and it's playing down breeze but it's still tough and you can't hit it close. Frustrating but it's always nice to go out there and shoot a round and anything under par today was a good score.

Q. One of those people that watch it on TV that are thinking, what are they saying, because they can't see the cold --
MICHAEL CAMPBELL: It's cold today, single digits today. It was tough going. Plus it was long, six-hour rounds. It was tough for everyone out there, but put myself in position for the weekend hopefully and finally win one.

Q. You say it's a long round; how does six hours feel when you're playing with someone like Samuel L. Jackson and there's good camaraderie out there?
MICHAEL CAMPBELL: Yeah, it's a little bit easier and makes the time go by a little faster. I shared a few jokes with Huey Lewis and the news, so that was good fun.
It's all fun and games. I had the pleasure of talking with Hugh Grant on a few occasions, so it was nice to go out there and just play and have some fun.

Q. Essentially if you were playing six hours in a normal event, you would be pretty angry I would have thought but this is okay?
MICHAEL CAMPBELL: Yeah, this is a little different dynamic I think playing with all of these guys.

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