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October 3, 2008

Soren Hansen


Q. Soren, a round of 1 over today, it was really tough out there.
SOREN HANSEN: It was. It was cold and to be honest I wasn't dressed for it. I had same clothes as yesterday and I was a bit cold yesterday but today it was a bit bad.

Q. Tell us about your caddie, your regular caddie has a bit of a bad back?
SOREN HANSEN: Yeah, he's not doing too well but I think he's recovering and he'll be back later in the year.
But I've got a pretty good substitute in Billy Foster. He works for Garcia, so we had a bit of fun this week.

Q. You have a good relationship with Billy, why didn't he tell you to put more clothes on?
SOREN HANSEN: Well, he said I would be fine but maybe I should blame him no, Billy and I, he's good fun and he's been around caddying for many good players and he's good fun to be around.

Q. Carnoustie tomorrow, that's going to be a severe test of golf for you. Probably?
SOREN HANSEN probably will be. I've heard it will be the same weather as today and a bit of rain. I'll put on a few more layers and take it from there. Carnoustie, it could be I've had good rounds there and also had bad rounds there, but look forward to the challenge. It's a great golf course. We'll just have to wait and see.

Q. You are in a good position heading into the weekend. Are you feeling confident with your game at the moment?
SOREN HANSEN I am sort of. I'm playing well. I played extremely well yesterday and today was a bit of a struggle. Sometimes you feel like that on St. Andrews because sometimes it gets up and bites you, whereas other times you play it really lovely. But today I struggled a little bit where I'm pretty pleased with the 73 at the end.

Q. I think his back problems happened at The Ryder Cup?
SOREN HANSEN: Yes, the Sunday morning, he picked up his suitcase and I spoke to him last night and I thought it was really bad and a slipped disk, but he said it was just inflamed, but he was really crunched over, really bad.

Q. How long is he going to be out for?
SOREN HANSEN he said he was going to caddie for me in Portugal which I find hard to believe, but we'll see. We'll see after this week, and then if he's back, he's back. And if he's not, I'm just going to get another substitute. Billy is unfortunately not available.

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