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October 2, 2008

Jeff Overton


JOHN BUSH: We'd like to welcome our leader at 5-under par, 67. Jeff, that was great playing out there. If we could just get some opening comments on your round.
JEFF OVERTON: Well, it's great to be inside finally. It's a little warmer in here. Just hit a lot of great drives more than anything. I hit the ball -- the golf course is playing so long and wet I was able that take advantage of my length today.
It's tough for some of shorter guys whenever you have to hit hybrids and longer irons instead of par-4s, like No. 9 and No. 17. I was able to have 7-iron and 9-iron on those two holes, and the shorter guys are hitting longer shots.
So anyway, at the par-5s I was able to hit 5-iron into, I think what it number, what is it, 4 or 5? And even missed the fairway on 8 and was still able to almost get there.
Then on No. 18 I hit it up there on the front edge. So it was -- I was really able to take advantage of my length on this golf course, especially with the tough conditions and it playing so wet and slow.
JOHN BUSH: 12th place finish here last year, which was really important I know in terms of your position on the Money List. So you have a lot of good feelings about this place.
JEFF OVERTON: Yeah, it's one the best places we play all year. Turning Stone, the whole resort and the complex, everything, you know, it's first class. You feel at home. Nice beds.
You come out here to the golf course and the greens are perfect. Might be some of the best greens you play on all year. The rough is up a little bit. Just all in all things are great.
JOHN BUSH: Okay. Questions.

Q. The sun came out later in the afternoon. Did that make it any easier?
JEFF OVERTON: Yeah, I mean, I'd say my last six holes or so it definitely played a little bit easier. I mean, like I said, the par-5, I think it was my 14th hole or so, the sun just had come out. I was able to hit lob wedge in the previous hole, and then had a 5-iron in on the par-5.
So any time you have a good look -- I mean, middle irons to par-5s, you know, you're going to be pretty successful. So that helped.
But for sure -- especially because, I mean, the morning it was so windy and so nasty out. I missed like a two-footer. My closest birdie putt I think on my front nine I three-putted and missed like a one-and-a- half, two-footer. The wind was just howling. It's tough to stay still over the short ones when it gets like that.

Q. The fact that the greens were so soft and accommodating, how helpful was it on a day when it was so windy and cold?
JEFF OVERTON: You know, that's huge. If the greens were firm and you hit it in that rough off the tee, I mean, which I definitely did a couple times, you just -- you can't stop it.
But today you hit -- it doesn't matter. You could just hit it in there and it's not a problem.

Q. Where did you blow the short putt, what hole?
JEFF OVERTON: On 13, the hole off the par-5. Yeah.

Q. How badly did you want that birdie on 18?
JEFF OVERTON: I wanted it pretty bad. I looked at it and I was like, Is this thing going to go a little left? I really looked at it and walked down there. I was like, you know, it's just so straight down the hill and it's a little bumpy being late in the day and being so wet.
I was like, Just put it in the center and just kind of have good speed on it. Sure enough, right there in the middle of putt it kind of went a little left. What do you do? Made a couple other good ones, so, oh, well.
JOHN BUSH: Anything else?

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