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October 2, 2008

Chad Billingsley

Manny Ramirez


Q. Chad, you pitched pretty well nearly all year. You weren't getting some wins earlier in the year. How much different is the team around you now than what you saw in April and May?
CHAD BILLINGSLEY: We were a completely different team. We had a lot of injuries early on in the year and were able to battle through it. The deadline we made some good moves in Manny over here and Casey and Greg, just really came together well as a team.

Q. Manny, can you talk about taking advantage of the Cubs and the mistakes today?
MANNY RAMIREZ: I think Chad, he did a great job stopping that kind of offense out there. And Rafi, he did great with that bunt single right there and also drove in three runs.
You know, I just got a pitch and I drove it. But we're going to LA, we need one more win, and we're going to keep playing hard. They're the best team out of the National League, and anything could happen.

Q. Chad, do you think the Cubs are really pressing out there, or what do you see when you face them?
CHAD BILLINGSLEY: I mean, it kind of looks like they are, but I mean, we took advantage of some of their mistakes, and that's really big for us to do that, even last night. Just got by and Russell had a big hit at third base, and we just came out and took advantage of everything they gave us.

Q. Yesterday you talked about being up 1-0 and just one game. Now 2-0. Do you guys feel like it's almost at that point?
MANNY RAMIREZ: Not yet. We've still got one more game to win, and we've got to keep playing those guys hard until we get the 27th out. We're not there yet.

Q. Did any say something to Saito after you struggled there in the ninth?
MANNY RAMIREZ: I was upstairs (laughing).
CHAD BILLINGSLEY: He'll be all right.

Q. Chad, I know it never got real close, but you handed the ball to Wade in a situation where it could kind of get real close there . How have you seen him come along and become part of what you guys do this year?
CHAD BILLINGSLEY: He's been a huge factor for us. He's pitched well since he joined us, and he's been -- as far as I can see right now, he's been pretty big for us in big game situations. I mean, he just pounds the zone with strikes. He gets all his off-speeds across. That's a huge part of the game. Not give them any life, and he was able to come in and get the guy out.

Q. Manny, what is it like out there when you guys take their fans out of the game right away the last two games?
MANNY RAMIREZ: It feels great. It takes a lot of pressure off our team. Like I said, we've got to continue to come out every day. They're the best team in the National League and I've got a lot of respect for them. We need one more game.

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