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October 2, 2008

Ross Fisher


Q. Great scoring, lovely to make the most of pretty idyllic conditions in idyllic surroundings?
ROSS FISHER: Yeah, definitely, it's a lovely setting, obviously being here at Kingsbarns, the weather was just perfect. Got a little bit chilly mid sort of round, but the sun came out for the last few and it was really, really pleasant. To take advantage of a day like this was just great and to do it in the fashion that I did it, 64, was very, very pleasing.

Q. It's a different format, and obviously you've got your amateur partner to think of as well, is that a help or hindrance today; today, clearly a help?
ROSS FISHER: I thoroughly enjoy these sorts of things. I was quite fortunate, Dick Gilbert, I played in the AT&T Pebble Beach this year and he was actually in my group of four, playing with the other professionals, so I think I must have impressed him and he enjoyed my company so he fortunately got a request in to play with me and it came good.
Yeah, it was just a nice, relaxed atmosphere out there. I've played with Sterne a couple of times and the other guy, Eric, I haven't met him before, but he was a lovely guy, as well. They were both good players. I think Dick was getting a little bit frustrated with all of the birdies coming from me and he couldn't help the team out.
It's a team game for you guys, obviously ours is the individual, but he chipped in on a couple of holes which really helped. As long as those guys enjoy the day as much as possibly what I did, then it was a good day.

Q. How does it work from a professional's point of view in terms of how much time and interest if you like you devote to your partner and the amateurs there helping them along, because obviously you're here to do the day job, aren't you?
ROSS FISHER: First and foremost we are playing here for ourselves and at the same time, these guys have obviously got invited and paid a lot of money to play with us. To get to know the guys if they want any hints or tips or reading putts or anything like that, then we are here to try and put on a good show for them but at the same time we are here to help them around and try to help them enjoy the four days.
Yeah, chatted to Dick all the way around and to Eric and Sterne and felt like we had a really good time out there. We were only 2 1/2 hours through the first nine. Unfortunately it was a little bit slow on the back side as we catch the guys up, but all four of us had a good laugh out there.

Q. An awful lot of money to be played for this week. You do well here, you can turn what's been a very good year into an excellent year.
ROSS FISHER: Yeah, it's probably one of the biggest prize funds we play for all year, so you can put yourself into contention, four good rounds, come see where you are the end of the week.
Obviously I'm off to a great start but a long ways to go. Still a few guys playing and I'll go out and play St. Andrews very well tomorrow and then after that, I'll think about Carnoustie, try to play that in a similar sort of fashion that I have playing Kingsbarns today and hopefully put myself into Sunday and attack St. Andrews again.

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