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October 2, 2008

Marc Warren


SCOTT CROCKETT: Marc, thanks for coming in and joining us, as always. A good day's work, you must be very pleased. What was particularly good today?
MARC WARREN: I think everything was pretty good today. I drove the ball well. On 5, I was in the fairway bunker right, which was a terrible mistake really, and had a good up-and-down for a par.
But really just drove the ball really well, especially the back nine.
SCOTT CROCKETT: Let's take the details of your birdies before we move into questions.
Driver, sand wedge to about ten feet and holed it.
Then 7 was a 3-wood, lob wedge to six feet.
11, 7-iron to about 15 feet behind the hole.
13, I had driver, wedge stiff there.
18, I drove it just short of the green, chipped on with an 8-iron to about eight feet and holed it.
SCOTT CROCKETT: An unusual performance for you here. You have not made the cut in your previous attempts. You must be pleased with your start.
MARC WARREN: Yes, this is a tournament I've enjoyed playing, but I've not done too well. Three great golf courses and today was excellent. It was an enjoyable day.

Q. You played very well the first to days last week, and that's obviously given you encouragement, hasn't it, coming here?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, played excellent last week the first two rounds. The weekend wasn't so good, but easily sorted on the range and a matter of continuing the decent form I've had the last six weeks.

Q. Your form toward the end of the year traditionally has been good?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, the last few years, the last quarter of my season has been, I would say, and hopefully it's going to be the same this season and it seems it's going to be, so it's just a matter of letting it happen.

Q. When we spoke before, you suggested that you have trusted your swing more and you're enjoying the game more because you can see the results coming; is that how the results panned out because you felt like you were enjoying your golf again?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, even tough tee shots like 16, only a 4-iron off there, but hit a solid shot there. There was no kind of thought of kind of the trouble working in, and even on 17, I had 80 yards to the front of the green. And then on 18, just smashed it again, tried to drive the green.
So just having fun, enjoying it again and not worrying about what's happening to my swing and just hitting the shots which has worked on the range and it's working on the golf course.

Q. Is that your lowest competitive score around the Old Course?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, definitely.

Q. You've played in the Links Trophy here, haven't you?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, I had a Top-10 once or something. No, the Jubilee Course was never my favourite. I think I shot an 82 around there once. That was my highest-ever score.
Conditions were always critical. St. Andrews that week was tough. There wasn't many 66s to be had the way St. Andrews was playing.

Q. You said you sorted something on the range last week, can you tell us what it was?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, just been working to get my swing tightened up a little bit and basically I was doing it too much. I wasn't coming -- I wasn't completing my backswing because I wasn't coming through it. So just simple things, left shoulder and left knee and get behind the ball at the top, very simple thing, but first few days last week at the weekend it crept in a little bit. As I say it was easily sorted and it was quite a good swing thought, get a lot of rhythm through it, behind the ball and come through again, so simple.

Q. Is that a cough or --
MARC WARREN: No, it's just a cough.

Q. Why does it normally take you to this time of the year before everything clicks in for you?
MARC WARREN: I think possibly a lot of it has to do with kind of the wintertime we have in Scotland. I spent a lot of time, winter, which I've done before in the past, just trying to improve my swing, change my swing a little bit. Hardly ever play a golf course, hardly ever work on my short game. Then you come out, even this year, went out to Abu Dhabi a week early and just couldn't get any rhythm at all.
The three weeks just seemed to fly by, and a few weeks home and same thing it again. I've just never felt the first part of the year, just feels likes it goes really fast and I'm not prepared to play kind of like I do now; whereas I feel like if I have a problem with form or my swing, it's easily fixed and I just get into playing mode rather than thinking technical.

Q. How frustrating is it not to be able to go to defend in the World Cup?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, but that's the rules I guess, the two highest-ranked Scots are going, which in a way is fair, but obviously if you win a tournament, you'd love to get a chance to defend it but it's going to be frustrating though being there. Obviously I wish Alastair and Monty all the best.

Q. Seems to be a problem for a lot of players, you mentioned starting out the year rather poorly; how much of a break did you take from the end of last season to the start of this season that your form went off?
MARC WARREN: Every year I take between three or four weeks off without touching a club, and then just gear back for the season and make the changes that I feel I've got to make. Obviously after that break I come back ready and I really have to get ready, but I think it's been too much technical work and not playing the golf course enough and thinking about hitting certain shots and just standing, trying to swing it nice and when I get on a golf course, I can't play. Even if I play half-decent, I don't score well, which is obviously the name of the game.

Q. When you go to America in the winter, will you play more rounds of golf rather than hit shots?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, exactly, the facilities are unbelievable there. So I'll be working on all parts of my game. I can improve my short game and stand and putt as long as I want and go out and play as long as I like, and I think that will help me for definitely the start of next season.
If you're working on something in your swing, you go on the course and you try it, and if it's not working, you come back and kind of just refine it and say it needs more work so you can trust it more on the golf course. Even just the fact of playing more golf and getting used to shooting good scores all the time, which is something I've tried to change kind of for the latter part of this season.

Q. Is it true that you are the inspiration behind --
MARC WARREN: I was trying not to make a mistake and trying to hit it close -- they say they inspired me last week -- (Inaudible.)
SCOTT CROCKETT: Thank you very much, Marc.

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