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October 2, 2008

Martin Kaymer


Q. Must be strange actually playing with your brother as a teammate in what is still for you pros a high-pressure week.
MARTIN KAYMER: As a teammate, we were always a team and will always stay like a team but it was special this week obviously. My father was caddying, which was nice, and we where are just enjoying ourselves and just have fun and play good golf.

Q. How did it come about that you decided to play together in this?
MARTIN KAYMER: Well, I was just asking my manager if there's any chance that I can choose my partner and he was like, well, I don't know, we will try, and somehow he managed it that I could choose. Yeah, it was really good.

Q. Life after The Ryder Cup now, you didn't play but you were out there and just wondering what you made of the experience just watching.
MARTIN KAYMER: I think I could make the experience from the other point of view, from the other side, as the captain, because I could listen to the radio and listening to Faldo and Olazábal and what they were talking about, and so that was interesting. I felt like a proper player, but I felt like they gave me -- I don't know, it gave me definitely the opportunity to keep fighting and keep practising for the next two years that I can play The Ryder Cup in Wales.

Q. What was the biggest thing that you kind of picked up with that radio in your ear?
MARTIN KAYMER: I mean, I think the best thing about The Ryder Cup are the spectators. It's so different than all of the other tournaments. Okay, in America, they are different there, they freaked out kind of, so that was actually the most -- the biggest thing I experienced.

Q. And the thought of one day being able to play in that kind of atmosphere is a huge motivation I would guess.
MARTIN KAYMER: Yeah, definitely, that's why I'm trying to practise as much as I can to be a member and to be on the team.

Q. You've won twice this year and a chance with the third year; what is the ultimate goal for the season?
MARTIN KAYMER: My goal is actually to finish Top-5 on the Order of Merit and to stay Top-50 in the world. If I can be Top-5 on the Order of Merit, then I will stay Top-50 automatically.

Q. Forgive me if this is too personal of a question, but after what your family has been through this year, is it part of the healing process for the three of you being together?
MARTIN KAYMER: No, we are just enjoying ourselves and I was just asking my manager if I can play with my brother, and that's it.

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