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October 2, 2008

Joey Sindelar


Q. You're a local guy. Aren't you supposed to be used to this?
JOEY SINDELAR: Well, this is a shocker to all of us. We were just getting used to those cool morning with fog around here, and all of a sudden this hits.
So it's too bad, because at this point guys -- there's going to be guys that were probably playing pretty good that just don't have a feel for it out there.
But you have to do your best. We see this a couple times a year. You just gotta go for it.

Q. I think Bo said the hardest part of this one is the attitude part, that you can't let what's going on in the sky change what you're trying to do.
JOEY SINDELAR: That's completely correct. You just gotta -- you just can't give up. You're gonna -- when the conditions get like this, you're gonna do silly things. You're gonna hit a ball somewhere with 7-iron that you just couldn't do. It's like, I couldn't aim over there and do that.
You have to fight that off and try to come back and try to remember that there are a couple of downwind holes eventually. And really that these greens are so good that if you can get the ball on the green you can make some putts. You gotta keep fighting.

Q. What about your hands? Is that the hardest part, keeping them warm?
JOEY SINDELAR: For a lot the guys, I'm sure. For me that's not a big deal, although even I got cold, which is a big thing out here because I run very hot.
This is tough. You know, ball's not going, body won't work, don't know what the wind is going to do to the ball. It's tough conditions, but as usual we see some great scores.

Q. (No microphone.)
JOEY SINDELAR: Oh, I don't have any idea. It all depends on wind tomorrow. We already know it's going to be cold. I thought the heard the weatherman this morning saying -- he was talking about tomorrow being the windy day.
So if this wasn't the windy day, we're really in for it tomorrow. I don't know, it can change in a hurry. It's certainly going to be less than what I shot, so I gotta hurry up.

Q. Tough to come in here, too, speaking of the score, with the +5 for you?
JOEY SINDELAR: You know, it didn't feel that bad. You know, it's certainly not a round that I'm going to pin up on the wall and be proud of for a long time, but if I hit a decent round tomorrow I can make the cut and have a nice weekend. That's what I'll try to do.

Q. How is the course holding up?
JOEY SINDELAR: Gorgeous. You know, it was sloppy on Monday, and we got more -- this course takes the water great. It was- we played the ball down. We didn't do lift, clean, and place today, and a lot of us wondered if we would.
We didn't, and it really wasn't necessarily. Just played really long.

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