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October 2, 2008

Mark Buehrle


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Mark Buehrle.

Q. How much can you take your 2005 experience and translate it into this? You had so many big performances there. Does that really carry over?
MARK BUEHRLE: I'm not really sure if experience does anything. Obviously, in '05, not many people had experience on our team and we went out there and played well and won the World Series. So I mean they're big games, there are a lot of pressure situations you're going to be in.
But for a guy like me to go out there, I try not to put any more pressure on my self. I just go out there and concentrate on trying to get guys out. Not letting too many guys on base, and try to throw up as many zeros as I can.

Q. Are you guys taking notice of the fact that everybody's kind of picking the Rays, at least nationally? Do you use that? Or is that something that baseball doesn't translate like it does in other sports like we're the underdog, let's play that disrespect card?
MARK BUEHRLE: I haven't been paying attention. I saw in the paper that all their guys picked them, but of course, they're from here, so they're going to do that. It's not like we're going to go out there and just lay down because certain guys are the so-called experts.
I guess they're the same people that had us and the Rays here right now. They're just making predictions. We'll go out there and prove people wrong.

Q. Obviously you've been one of the top two guys in the rotation, but were you surprised with your road and home splits that you got this start? Did you think you might be starting Game 3 at home?
MARK BUEHRLE: I kind of thought if they were going to look at that, I know I have been a lot better at home than on the road. But that last road trip I had three road starts and threw pretty well.
I don't really put that in my head to go out there and pitch and say I don't pitch well on the road. But it's just the way that it kind of played out that Danks and Floyd have thrown the ball the best, but they can't go today or tomorrow, so me and Javy had to go.

Q. You've thrown 218 innings this year. How do you strike the balance between getting your work done and winning games in the regular season, but not being burned out to this point?
MARK BUEHRLE: Well, you do enough stuff in spring training and all season long to get to hopefully get into the postseason and pitch into the postseason. You do, obviously, adrenaline has a lot to do with it. But throughout the course of the year, all the conditioning you do, all your arm stuff, arm exercise you do to prepare yourself physically to get to this point.

Q. After watching today's game, can you take away what this atmosphere is going to be like and sort of understand it better with the cow bells, I guess? Doesn't happen that they're filled up here very often. Can you use any of that tomorrow comfort-wise?
MARK BUEHRLE: I know the crowd's going to be into it today and tomorrow, no matter what happens in today's game. You just have to try to focus that and get it out of your head. Just want to make your pitches and try not to get too amped up or pumped up whenever the crowd is into it and you're falling behind the count, try not to get too amped up and then overthrow.

Q. Against this lineup, how much of an asset is it for you that you hold guys on and you're a pitcher that people have always had trouble running on? If I'm right, you and Crawford go back all the way to the minors. Do you pay any extra attention to him when he's on just because you guys have a little bit of a history?
MARK BUEHRLE: You pay attention to any base stealer. I wouldn't say just because we've come up through the minor leagues playing against each other a lot and obviously in the big leagues. He does get on base a lot against me. So it seems I'm paying more attention to him than most people. But any time you get a base stealer on base, you want to hold them close. You don't want them to steal because you want a chance to turn two.

Q. Ozzie said yesterday that he was very impressed with the way that the crowd was in your last game. Can you describe for those of us who aren't based in Chicago, the difference in the buzz there about the Cubs versus the buzz there about the White Sox?
MARK BUEHRLE: Well, I think if you go to fan base, obviously you've got the Cubs fans and Sox fans. But it's always seemed like it's a Cubs town. Anywhere you go, throughout the United States it seems like there's more Cubs fans everywhere than there are Sox fans. But when we're at home, we've got some great fans that come out and support us. So I can only say the big buzz around the Cubs is it seems like it's more media-based than we are.

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