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September 28, 2008

Gonzalo Fernandez Castano


MICHAEL GIBBONS: Well done, you're not looking the best but you played pretty good. Tell us about day today, if you could in your own words and what it means to you.
GONZALO FERNÁNDEZ-CASTAÑO: I have to say it's probably the best victory of the four. My system wasn't going very well and I was starting to get worried. Sometimes you know when you're not playing well, you want to change everything and coach and manager and everything, but they proved to be right.
And I have to make a special mention to my wife, who really supported me during this long year. It's probably because I had high expectations for the reason. I started the year playing very well and end of last year also playing well, finishing second at the Dunlop Phoenix in Japan. Maybe I was expect too much. But it's been awesome.
I decided to take four weeks off in August after the Russian Open and it really paid off. I'm really happy, and of course my main goal what I was doing was to get into the last Volvo Masters in Valderrama, and I think I've done that. So I can't ask for any better than that.

Q. Inaudible?
GONZALO FERNÁNDEZ-CASTAÑO: I was hoping not. But it's probably -- especially Olazábal, at the French Open, so I'm sure he couldn't wait to take his revenge. But it's a great feeling, and when you win, everything else, it doesn't matter.

Q. Inaudible?
GONZALO FERNÁNDEZ-CASTAÑO: It was cold. It was cold. But just stung -- smelled terrible, like I do right now.

Q. Inaudible?
GONZALO FERNÁNDEZ-CASTAÑO: What for? I didn't birdie 18 today.

Q. Inaudible?
GONZALO FERNÁNDEZ-CASTAÑO: Well, Lee had a magnificent second shot on the last, and a good birdie opportunity, but I think it was just the crowd who thought that the game was over.
But my caddie and I had -- we still thought we had a chance, and even though the ball on the 18th when we played in regulation, it was sitting badly, I had a great shot and Lee still had to make a long putt.
It's a shame, because I missed a good birdie chance on the 17th to take a one-shot lead going into the last. But I don't know, I'm happy with the way everything turned out.

Q. Inaudible?
GONZALO FERNÁNDEZ-CASTAÑO: It's been a great day. Not only because playing with Lee, which is always a pleasure; I played with Lee many times in Andalucía, I played with him on the last round and went to one and he played just superb.
But it's also playing with Campbell and the two caddies who were with us, Pete and Alistair. They are four all stars together (ph) and there I was, hanging in there and they both started playing very, very well with good birdie chances on the first three holes. My caddie just told me to be patient and I was going to have my chances and so I did.
It's been an unforgettable victory, and, well, as I said before, the best of the four. Man, I can't believe I won four times, that's pretty good!

Q. Inaudible?
GONZALO FERNÁNDEZ-CASTAÑO: Definitely Paul. Definitely Paul. We started working together at Gleneagles, and this is only four weeks together. So I don't know, it's been amazing. I can't describe it. I still can't believe it yet.

Q. Inaudible?
GONZALO FERNÁNDEZ-CASTAÑO: I wasn't really sure yet. He told us we were ten minutes behind, and that was when we were playing down the 11th -- no, the 11th, yeah, but we also had some trouble with the referee at the ninth which took a long time to get there.
So I don't really know if he was timing us or not, so I was quite confident. I'm not a slow player, so I don't really have a problem with being on the clock, unless you have a quite a tricky putt or something that can take you a bit longer.
But I can't tell you if we were being timed or not.

Q. Inaudible?
GONZALO FERNÁNDEZ-CASTAÑO: Yes, definitely, it was a terrible, terrible 4-iron, just duffed the drive. But when I got there, I thought, maybe I will still make a three here. But of course I was looking to save the four, and I finally holed that one. But as soon as it came off the clubface, I knew it was going to be good -- not that good.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: Gonzalo, congratulations.

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