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September 27, 2008

Robert Allenby


Q. Robert, solid 67 out there today. A lot of birdies out there. Nice save on 18, though.
ROBERT ALLENBY: It was. Yeah, I mean, I didn't want to finish bogey-bogey. I mean, 17, that's a hard hole anyway, especially if you miss the fairway. I mean, even when I hit the fairway, I still haven't hit the green.
It normally hits that green and goes flying off the back somewhere. I was very happy to make a par putt at the last there. It wasn't the easiest one in the world, not one that you'd want to leave yourself every week.
I played nicely. I played solid. I played aggressive when I could, and I just tried to make as many birdies as possible, knowing that you are going to make some bogeys out there.

Q. You got off to a slow start on Thursday, but since then 7-under par. What's been the answer?
ROBERT ALLENBY: Well, the first day I was still working on my swing, and as you know, you can't work on your swing and try and play golf out here. It just makes it too tough. I wasn't swinging it bad, I just wasn't trusting my shots, and my time was a little off.
And then I changed a couple things going into yesterday and just really all I've done the last two days is just pick my shots and just execute them and haven't really thought about my swing at all.

Q. Well, the leaders are not running away. Five shots back. Any kind of game plan for tomorrow?
ROBERT ALLENBY: Well, just the same. A few lucky breaks would be nice and just try and make a few more birdies. You know, I like the way I'm hitting it, and it's just nice to shoot under par around here because normally I'm shooting over.

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