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September 26, 2008

Michele Redman


MIKE SCANLAN: Can we go through your card first?
MICHELE REDMAN: Let's see, No. 1, I hit sand wedge to about three feet for birdie.
I 3-putted No. 3 from about 90 feet.
And then it all started on No. 5. I hit a 9-iron up to about eight feet and made that.
Then on 6, I hit 7-iron out of the fairway bunker up there to about three feet for birdie.
Then on 7, I hit a 5-iron to about three feet for birdie.
On 8, I hit a 3-wood to about 35 feet and made it for eagle.
On 11, I hit a 5-iron in, 158.
MIKE SCANLAN: Great round out there today, 7-under par 65 gets you to 9-under par for the week and now two shots off the lead entering Saturday's round. Two eagles today. I don't know when the last time you did that was. But if you would, just talk a little bit about your round.
MICHELE REDMAN: I hit it great out there today. I could have actually had a few more coming in. I lipped out two or three times coming in, so I hit it really good. I'm rolling the ball good.
Just try to be patient. I've been doing all those things really good. I just haven't been making some putts and today I made some. And I've been rolling it good anyways.
MIKE SCANLAN: Not like you haven't been in this position before, you're a two-time winner, four-time Solheim Cup member, you've got plenty of experience; what are your thoughts going into the weekend?
MICHELE REDMAN: I'm just going out and be calm and relaxed like I was yesterday and no pressure and have some fun.
MIKE SCANLAN: When you rattled off the three birdies and an eagle, were you thinking maybe today is the day to shoot 60?
MICHELE REDMAN: I thought about it. I mean, I could have actually. I was thinking about it after I didn't make my birdie on 16. I really, really could have had it today. I was pretty close. I've been really close to shooting really low, so it's nice to get a low round in.
MIKE SCANLAN: Your thoughts on the course?
MICHELE REDMAN: I like it. It's kind of a links-style course. There's some knowledge where you need to hit it off the tee. There are some good bounces involved. It's fun. It's something different.
MIKE SCANLAN: Your last win, 2000, it's been a few years and you've been in the hunt a few times though. Is it creeping in in the back of your mind now that maybe this week is the week?
MICHELE REDMAN: I'm trying not to think of that. I do know that I have been playing better than the last couple of months. I got my old caddie back on the bag, and I think that's been a big difference for me. I'm getting more of my confidence back and just going to go out and have some fun.

Q. Who is your caddie?
MICHELE REDMAN: Joe Connolly. We took a little break. He caddied for me for five years and we took a little break. It was my decision, not a good one, but I learned. Then he started working for me again in Rochester this year.
MIKE SCANLAN: Thanks so much for coming in and good luck this week.

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