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September 26, 2008

Anthony Kim


Q. Are you dragging this week?
ANTHONY KIM: No, you never want to finish with a bogey, obviously.

Q. Talk about the round today. A lot different than yesterday.
ANTHONY KIM: It was. I still hit it pretty well, just didn't get the putts to fall. I just wanted to just keep grinding out there. It's a tough golf course. I know nobody is really going to -- there were some good scores, but nobody is going to shoot 61 out there and really jump on anybody. So it was a good day.

Q. You know who you're paired with tomorrow. Your thoughts on that?

Q. Mr. Sergio Garcia.
ANTHONY KIM: Oh, yeah. We're going to have fun. Sergio and I are good friends. Obviously at the Ryder Cup it was a good match, and hopefully we can have two more solid days of golf.

Q. With these names, you, Sergio, Camilo at the top, is this a chance for some guys to take that step and make more of a name for yourselves?
ANTHONY KIM: We're always trying to make a name for ourselves. Young guys, obviously I played with Ernie today. I have a tremendous amount of respect for his game and what he's done, and it's always nice to get out there and battle with the young guys and the older guys.

Q. They've got a gas shortage in this town. Any concern about you running out of gas coming out of last week, or are you running on fumes? How is your tank?
ANTHONY KIM: My tank is on full, as long as I'm making birdies. Obviously finishing with a bogey isn't the best feeling in the world, but it's been a good day. I grinded. I'm proud of the way I hung in there.
There were a couple opportunities for me to hang my head, and I just kept plodding along and fortunately got out of there under par.

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