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September 26, 2008

Robert Allenby


Q. 4-under par 66. What was the difference between yesterday and today?
ROBERT ALLENBY: It must have been about nine shots (laughing). Today I just hit the ball a lot better. I've had two weeks off, and for the last week I've been working on my swing, trying to make some changes with my coach.
I think yesterday was more -- I was still working on the changes, whereas today I just went out there and hit the shots that were required, a fade or a draw or whatever it was.
Yesterday wasn't horrible, but I just kept missing the fairways, and then I kept missing the greens and just leaving myself short-sided, whereas today I hit a lot more fairways and that gave me a lot more opportunities to hit the green a lot closer to where I needed to hit it.
I rolled a couple of putts in, which was nice. It's a golf course that if you miss the fairway, you get penalized pretty badly. I mean, the greens are probably the hardest greens we've ever played on TOUR, and they're running pretty quick, too. And if you don't hit the fairway, it's tough.

Q. You mentioned the greens being fast. Now with the new greens, how long does it take you to really get used to them?
ROBERT ALLENBY: I don't know if you ever get used to them. It's more a matter of getting lucky. You know, funny enough, the greens are exactly the same as the golf course that I live at, Admiral's Cove, down in Florida. They redid their greens with the same stuff only about a year ago, so really I'm putting on the same stuff.
But they're so new it's going to take a year for them to sink in and get established. And next year will be a totally different golf course because the greens are going to be more receptive.

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