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September 25, 2008

Mikael Lundberg


Q. How good was that?
MIKAEL LUNDBERG: It was fantastic considering I've been playing horrible for the last month and a half. So I'm very pleased. I didn't play as good as the result was, but I didn't make -- even though I didn't hit the shots that good, I hit them very straight off the tee. I was never in trouble. And then I hit some good iron shots and some putts.

Q. I wasn't going to be quite as brutal in the assessment of the last month and a half, but game hasn't been together.
MIKAEL LUNDBERG: It got worse and worse every day, and I've been playing pretty bad. It's something in the technique and I'm trying to sort it out and I think I'm on the right way now.

Q. You would have thought that that would be the confidence-builder. I know it doesn't matter towards the technique, but going to the Scandinavian afterwards, where you wanted to play well must be so annoying.
MIKAEL LUNDBERG: Yeah, but when you can feel, even on the range, you can feel that you're not coming into the ball the way you want, it's a big struggle when you are getting those really bad spells.
Now hopefully I'm out of it.

Q. So the improvement is down to hard work or something just clicked?
MIKAEL LUNDBERG: A little bit of -- I started working with a new teacher and he changed a few things. But a lot of hard work, as well.

Q. Is this all amicable with the new teacher?
MIKAEL LUNDBERG: No, but working with him, he's more of a psychologist, but I thought I really needed -- the things we worked on before, he said it was one thing and I could feel it not this; it's something else. Hopefully.

Q. When you have such a wonderful victory like Russia, you were looking to the future, do you re-set goals from now knowing that you dipped that little bit, to the end of the season?
MIKAEL LUNDBERG: Well, of course, you want to get in to play the Volvo Masters for one, but then I haven't played good at all. So now I need to work my way back into it.

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