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September 25, 2008

Sam Walker


SAM WALKER: I know the golf course well from last year, so your confidence builds when you come up out here and that's what's happened out there. I played very good today, tee-to-green, I played tremendously. Made one mistake but obviously other than that, holed some great putts, not much you can do out there because the greens are fantastic.
I had a few more chances but you'll take 4-under on the first day out.

Q. A lot of people were saying birdies are going to be difficult here, but 4-under on the back nine?
SAM WALKER: It's out there if you're in the fairway. That's all it is. It's about on the fairway and on the greens and the greens are good, so you're always going to make a couple long ones out there to compensate for the short ones that you missed.
Other than that, it's obviously very close all the way around. I played fantastic. I deserve to be where I am at the moment.

Q. Local knowledge?
SAM WALKER: Everybody has been saying that, local knowledge, local boy. I haven't played it since last year. I played nine holes on the back nine on Tuesday and that's it. Just went out there and played with my confident from the last few weeks that I've been playing well.

Q. What's been the key to the last few weeks?
SAM WALKER: You know, just putting well in Sweden, played half-decent in Sweden, putted well and played good in Holland and I played good at Gleneagles, putted well, although the greens were not that good but I putted well. Just came out here and gone on to do well.

Q. Feel like you're good for the next week?
SAM WALKER: Yeah, go on and see where I finish. You can't expect anything straightaway. You just have to take your time and get on with it.

Q. Familiar faces in the crowd?
SAM WALKER: Yeah, there's a few familiar faces. I'm out of tickets, but you've got to give them that, you know, because they do come and support you and they do come and watch which is a great thing for me, and Robert Rock and Robby. It's good for the Mid lands and it's good for The Belfry.

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