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September 25, 2008

Mike Weir


Q. Just curious what you're doing in the fall? Nothing?
MIKE WEIR: No, I'm playing two, Vegas and Texas Open, and Disney is a possibility.

Q. You and Anthony Kim looked like you had a few laughs out there. Is he as funny as Phil Mickelson says he is?
MIKE WEIR: You know, he's a character. We had a good time. He was playing well. He rolled the ball great on the greens. That was the big difference. He made a lot of nice putts today.

Q. What about yourself? It looked like you burned a few edges early and couldn't get any momentum.
MIKE WEIR: That's what it was. I played well, just burning the edge, and then the three-putt from 15 feet didn't help on 17.
But I played well. I've just got to go sharpen that up a little bit.
Q. Not many guys under par.
MIKE WEIR: It's playing tough. The greens are firm. It's tough to get close to the hole. The wind was swirling around a little bit, too. Tuesday and Wednesday it was blowing pretty good this way, and it's just kind of swirling around quite a bit.
Anthony is quite a bit longer than I, and he hit a 4-iron on 11. I thought the wind was down a little bit and I hit a little 4 and it went way over the green, so the wind switched around a little bit.

Q. What did you do the last two weeks?
MIKE WEIR: Nothing. I had to take ten days off. My shoulder was really bugging me at St. Louis and into my elbow, so I spent a lot of time rehabbing. So I didn't really have much prep coming in here, which is a little bit disappointing. I only had about three days to get ready. I practiced maybe Friday, Saturday, Sunday before I came down.

Q. What was the pain from?
MIKE WEIR: Just all the tournaments we've played in a row and lots of practicing, and it just aggravated it and inflamed something in there. It was weird to go down -- I never had it down into the elbow like that, so I just needed some time away.

Q. Did you feel any rust out there today?
MIKE WEIR: I felt a little rusty, but I felt pretty good for not playing. I played one round of golf. I played once on the weekend. So for being a little rusty, it was okay.

Q. One round in two weeks?
Q. Do you feel like there's an advantage for the guys coming off the Ryder Cup? It's such an emotional thing. Is it more of an advantage for guys maybe that didn't play?
MIKE WEIR: No, I think it's an advantage. I know coming off The Presidents Cup, my game -- especially if you played well in that event, like Anthony did, you have a lot of momentum going, and I think he's carried that in here.

Q. What did you have on 15?

Q. The eagle putt.
MIKE WEIR: Oh, it was about 15 feet behind the hole.

Q. What did you have coming in?
MIKE WEIR: 250 uphill.

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