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September 23, 2008

Stacy Lewis


MIKE SCANLON: All right, Stacy. Thanks for coming in. You're a sponsor exemption from Navistar this week. You've had several this year. If you would, just talk about being here in Prattville and getting the exemption from Navistar.
STACY LEWIS: Yeah. I'm really excited to get in. I didn't think I would get in this tournament, so just thanking Navistar for the exemption, and the Robert Trent Jones for letting me come here, and I'm just excited to be back.
MIKE SCANLON: If you would, just talk about your year so far. You've played several LPGA events, several Duramed Futures Tour events and also the U. S. Women's Open, and hopefully a few to come.
STACY LEWIS: Yeah. It's been a great year so far. I've gotten into a lot of tournaments and played really well in a couple. Got through Q School last week, which was nice, and I'm just hoping for a really good finish this week.
MIKE SCANLON: And talk about anything you might have coming up this year. Anything you can share with us?
STACY LEWIS: Well, I'm going to be playing in Kapalua. I'm already in that tournament. And I'm hoping to get in the Longs next week.
I have a website, letstacyplay.com, so you can go there and kind of encourage the people at the Longs to help me get into the tournament.

Q. For people that may not be familiar with your story, can you briefly explain a little bit about your background?
STACY LEWIS: Right. Well, I finished college in May. I graduated, and then played my first professional event at the U. S. Women's Open and finished third.
Unfortunately the money doesn't count towards getting my card, but I'm playing in these tournaments on sponsor exemptions, trying to get my card for next year.
MIKE SCANLON: Okay. Thank you.

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