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September 20, 2008

J.B. Holmes

Boo Weekley


Q. During the break you told me you were nervous yesterday but not today. Why?
BOO WEEKLEY: I reckon just because I finally got it under my belt the first day, you know, and I felt a little more comfortable about what I was doing and who I was playing with. We haven't played really a lot together, and we got here earlier this week and we kind of got together and played a little bit, and then yesterday just the nerves of being here, and all the fans are great.

Q. Talk about the 15th hole. Where would you rank that in the best shots of your career?
BOO WEEKLEY: I'd have to say about No. 9. I done had eight hole-in-ones, so I have to put that one after it.

Q. J.B., there was so much buildup for your first Ryder Cup experience. What's it been like? Has it been what you expected or more?
J.B. HOLMES: It's been more. Being here in Kentucky, the fans have been here. I had a great partner in Boo, so just a lot of fun. Feels a lot better than yesterday. Boo will agree with me, we let a half a point slip away, so it was nice to get in there today.

Q. J.B., that was a hard-fought match.
J.B. HOLMES: Yeah, it was very hard-fought. We got up on them early and they came back in there and we were able to fend them off a little bit there. It was a good match.

Q. You two seemed to get along very well. Are you good friends would you consider yourselves?
BOO WEEKLEY: After this week I'm pretty sure we're going to become real good friends.

Q. Boo, you seemed to be encouraging the crowd less today than yesterday. Were you aware of Lee Westwood's comments yesterday?
BOO WEEKLEY: Yeah, I was, and at the same time, I didn't want to be disrespectful. The crowds, they're great, and we want them to be behind us, but at the same time have a little more respect. I kind of felt a little bad in some ways, but in some ways I wasn't because this is what they come to see. This is it. This is our stage of being here, and they want to see us win.

Q. What do you wish for tomorrow?
J.B. HOLMES: American victory. That's what we wish for. We'll go out and watch the rest of these matches and hopefully we can pull them in here and get ready for tomorrow.

Q. J.B., you're home in Kentucky, get a point for the U.S., how does that feel?
J.B. HOLMES: It feels awesome, first Ryder Cup, full point, that's just amazing, to be able to do it in my home state. It's just kind of hard to put into words. I got to play with Boo both times this week, and I didn't know Boo real well before going in here, but Boo is a great guy, a great golfer, and we're having a lot of fun out here.

Q. I've got a feeling y'all might do some hunting or fishing after this?
J.B. HOLMES: We just might.

Q. Boo, what is it like as you're walking around, this crowd is so pumped up from you, and you're hearing, "Boo-S-A"?
BOO WEEKLEY: Hey, that's just a good slogan, isn't it? It's awesome. The fans here, we love them. I love them. You know, really not being from Kentucky, but they have adopted me and I have adopted them.

Q. You made that big putt on No. 1 to get the crowd pumped up. Does the hair on both of your necks stand up?
BOO WEEKLEY: Mine stands up every time they chant "USA."
J.B. HOLMES: Every time, every time.

Q. You guys had a great day today, singles matches tomorrow, you're looking forward to that, too?
BOO WEEKLEY: I am indeed.
J.B. HOLMES: Definitely.

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