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September 20, 2008

Nick Faldo


Q. Well, that's a much better morning.
CAPTAIN NICK FALDO: Well, sure. They had their day yesterday and we're here in good spirit and golf's amazing, isn't it, unbelievable. Guys are good. We are going to putt some fresh legs out there and you see what we've done this afternoon.

Q. A lot of people were very surprised that you left out Garcia and Westwood, considering Westwood played so well yesterday.
CAPTAIN NICK FALDO: Yeah, we have a crazy situation here where I do a press conference and then the team is then released afterwards under the eye of speculation. It's physical and it's a mental battle this week, so I really believe what I've seen that, you know, we've got to give some guys some rest. If you've got four fresh guys going out starting right now, and they are going to be really pumped up from what they have just seen.
For Stenson to turn that match around with Ollie Wilson, that is just fantastic. To go 4-down, and he's got such a good attitude and I said, just come on, chip away, one at a time, one at a time, and he really looked after Ollie Wilson just unbelievable this afternoon.

Q. You seem very happy today.
CAPTAIN NICK FALDO: I am, I am. It's a bumpy road at times, isn't it, to get to a victory. So you come off the road a bit and we're back on the road again now.

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