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September 20, 2008

Henrik Stenson

Oliver Wilson


Q. In tell us about your first foursomes in The Ryder Cup on the first tee.
OLIVER WILSON: It was amazing. It was not quite as loud as I thought it was going to be, but it was awesome. When I actually got over the ball, it was getting more tingly and all sorts. I hit a great shot. I think that was my best feeling hitting the ball straight down the middle, flush, and off you go, and involved and been wanting to get out there all week, so here we are.

Q. 4-down to the American Dream Team, you must have thought at that stage, probably a chance gone?
HENRIK STENSON: We didn't get off to the start we wanted and they had a couple of birdies and I hit a wayward one on 2 and put us in a bit of trouble. We were hanging in there and always thought we could have a chance to work it back, obviously; otherwise it's not going to happen.
But we had a lit little bit of help from them making bogeys on 7 and 8. Nick came up to me on 7 before the second shot and said, "Just start that magic in a minute now," and it seems like we did and fought well. Oliver had some great putts and just wouldn't drop, and we said he was due to make one and he did.

Q. What was the one particular turning point in the match?
OLIVER WILSON: I think it was when we got the first one back from the par 5. They did give it to us in the end but it was up by the green in two. Just to get one back and start going in the right direction, when we got that one out, it was 1-down and four to go. We stayed patient on the nine when it just wasn't going our way. And when it did, just kept trying to keep the pressure on hitting fairways and hitting greens.
Henrik gave me a lot of chances. I was getting a little frustrated there, I was hitting some good putts but not quite hitting them right. I'll let Henrik do the reading there, and holed it. I was just pleased to get it online.

Q. Was it enjoyable, even just a little bit, watching the Americans wilt on the back nine?
HENRIK STENSON: Absolutely. It's always nice to come back in a match, and there were a couple of crucial points, and getting away with it the halve on 14 after I hit a really bad tee ball there, we managed to scramble a four and they 3-putted. So that was sort of the turning point and then we played a good 15th hole and won that one. Then we were just trying to hang on and make another birdie, and we did.

Q. You just made the winning putt in your first Ryder Cup match ever. Describe what you're feeling right now.
OLIVER WILSON: Well, hard to, actually. It was nice to hole that, and especially against the Americans like that, it was a tough game and they got off to a good start. But it came down to the last and it's fantastic.

Q. Henrik, you got down very big at the beginning; as you watch the Americans start staggering a little bit, at what point did you think you could win this match?
HENRIK STENSON: Well, after winning 7 and 8, we were back in the ballgame a little bit. And then picked up another one on 10 and 12, so, you know, after 12 holes, we were all-square and I felt like, you know, we've got a 50/50 chance again, and after being down that many, it was really good fun to be able to come back.

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